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Felted features customized to any form, application or style that suits your project. Because we control the manufacture of our PoshFelt™ products, our capabilities are truly limitless, allowing you design and plan freely without concern for implementation. Our plush and premium felt contributes serious elegance and gravity to your space by hushing background noise, creating a calm, contemplative atmosphere.


The Feeling of Felt

When you walk into a room with PoshFelt™, you feel it before you feel it. You are surrounded by quiet comfort and stillness of mind, as it dampens sound and insulates your world, freeing you to focus on the present moment.

This feature-rich, plush and premium material is designed to set you at ease with a premiere tactile experience that reads “absolute luxury” in Braille.

Poshfelt Bed

The Plush Hush

PoshFelt’s™ edge comes from its softness. While similar products use synthetic materials that feel hard and hollow, we take the high road by delivering a premiere tactile experience that invites people to interact with the world they move through. Our super-soft felted surface makes an immediate, tangible difference that transforms its environment. It invites curiosity, and begs to be approached, to be marveled at and thought about, to be remembered, and to be felt.

Whether a room has a single feature installment, or wall-to-wall coverage, PoshFelt™ makes a statement across more senses than any other paneling solution. The quieted hush provided by the presence of PoshFelt™ gives a sense of reprieve from a busy day, dulling out the distracting noise of our busy lives.


A Place for People

We live in a world of efficiency and productivity. The structures we move through are made of drywall, fabricated steel and concrete, fitted together to make impressive but often hollow-feeling echo chambers.

We want to bring the human touch back into these settings, to create environments that promote community, comfort, and tranquility without sacrificing in visual aesthetic. PoshFelt™ achieves exactly that, in as many functions, styles and colors as you can imagine.


Have the perfect conversation over a cup of coffee, insulated by the plush luxury of wool felt. Feel as comfortable out at dinner as you would be in your own home.



Find the perfect look. PoshFelt™ has a dizzying array of applications and colors that can be suited to any environment. See the beauty in the marriage of function and style, with a physically compelling installment.



Allow yourself to become absorbed in something. Experience a stillness of mind like no other, and let yourself be overtaken by tranquility. Let your thoughts drift in an atmosphere of meditative calm and luxurious comfort.

Calm Lady


PoshFelt™ is comfort that can be applied anywhere. Our soft and humble materials help to cut through the stress of everyday life in the office, or any place that has people desperate for a break.

Man Comfort


Communicate importance, gravity, and luxury. PoshFelt™ is the unparalleled choice for a premiere tactile experience. Make a statement with a feeling of elegance that can’t be ignored and won’t be forgotten.



Crisp and Clear

PoshFelt’s™ excellent acoustic dampening creates an atmosphere free of wandering white noise and irritating echoes that compete with conversation. When fewer sounds are vying for clarity, it becomes much easier to immerse yourself in a conversation, and avoid distractions. Cutting out auditory interference also reduces stress from the over-stimulation caused by excessive background noise.

This chart demonstrates the NRC values of our acoustic fiber. An NRC value of 0 indicates total sound reflection (extreme echoes), while a value of 1 indicates total sound absorption (no reverberation). In order configure your project for optimal NRC, we invite you to speak with our architects as part of our design + build process.


Why Wool ?

Wool has a strong track record. As in, thousands of years strong. The first instances of wool as a textile date back to 1500 BC, and for great reason: wool is a sustainable source of workable fiber that doesn’t involve harming an animal. Sheep pop in for a haircut once each year and then they’re back at it.

From there, wool is cleaned and refined into a more cooperative product. Refined wool is commonly used in apparel due to its incredible array of natural features, including wrinkle resistance, anti-static, high burning point, insulative properties, shock resistance, water absorption--the list goes on.

Value Engg

Value Engineering

If you’re looking to cover substantial square footage on a budget, we invite you to consider our Soundcore™ panels. Soundcore™ acoustic fiber is a semi-soft mesh made of post-consumer plastics that offers the same acoustic dampening as PoshFelt™ at an incredible value per square foot. Soundcore™ comes in every style, color, and application that PoshFelt™ does, with a function-forward approach over the luxurious touch of PoshFelt™. For more information and our full product line, visit CSISoundcore.com.


Poshfelt Spec




PoshFelt™ 100% wool felt, Soundcore™ acoustic fiber


Cumulus, Flap, Planar, Stencil, Tactio


Impact resistant, shock absorbent


Non deteriorating, colorfast, non-hygroscopic


Clean with vacuum or light dusting

Lead Time

1-2 Weeks


LEED® v4, VOC free, made from recycled content,100% recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-microbial


Per manufacturer’s instructions and varies by collection


0.45 - 0.90 NRC


ASTM E84 Class A

PoshFelt™ Colorways


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PoshFelt™ Designs



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