soundproof room dividers for office

Gone are the days of large cumbersome offices, this is the age of sleek and efficient office spaces designed with the singular purpose of optimizing productivity and sustainability. If you are looking for the best and expert-curated solutions to transform your office into a highly functional and streamlined space, this is the right place.

Office Décor

Ramping up office décor can be a challenge and hamper daily activities, which is why most offices avoid going through the pain of an overhaul. Hence, it is crucial to make minor changes at a time to avoid overwhelming the employees due to ongoing repairs and fixes.

Desk Divider Screens

A collaborative environment. Spaces which encourage easy interaction and team-work. A transparent workspace. There are so many reasons why offices opt for an open layout. And in order to achieve all this, they end up sacrificing employee privacy and subjecting them to higher decibels of noise. Yes, open space layouts do foster communication and transparency but they also affect your employees because of the increased level of noise in the environment. And its not just about offices. These acoustic and privacy problems exist in a myriad of commercial spaces from classrooms to retail stores to healthcare facilities. The noisy environment doesn’t just affect productivity and well-being but increases stress levels. So, what do you opt for? An open space or one with privacy and better sound absorption?

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Acoustic panels are extremely essential for office and commercial spaces to create an environment where things get accomplished. From classrooms to conference rooms, offices to shopping malls, you need to create a space with good listening conditions and one which is free from intruding noise and vibrations, echo and reverberation. You need to create an environment with great acoustic comfort in order to ensure productivity and well-being of everyone who spend their time in there.

Ceilings Conceaaled Semi

If you’re a business-owner and somehow landed up here, just take a moment and look around your space. Whether its an office space or retail store, hospitality space or healthcare, chances are high that you’re sitting in a monochromatic space with some of the dullest walls imaginable. Behold the modern corporate space, where clean lines and neutral shades dominate the interior design. Nothing wrong with it, but its just a little bland and uninteresting for most. Why not trade it for something more unique and more attractive? Why not consider adding decorative wall panels to your design scheme which will bring in a much-needed spark and energy to the setting?

Commercial Ceiling Solutions

Ceiling is an absolutely crucial element when it comes to commercial space design. Often termed as the 5th wall, you don’t just have to get it right aesthetically but acoustically as well. Almost all commercial spaces feature the good old functional yet boring grids of panels. Recently, there has been a shift in this practice and increasing number of commercial spaces are rethinking their ceilings. From colorful baffles to chic ceiling clouds to vibrant translucent ceilings, commercial spaces are opting for appealing, aesthetically pleasing ceiling solutions. If you’re a business-owner who sees a dull, ordinary ceiling on top of your head, then perhaps its time to get creative and show a little love to this blank canvas.

Restaurant Decor Ideas

The market of the restaurant is growing so vast so fast that you need to depend on external factors other than food to stand out in the competition. The décor of your restaurant will determine whether you will retain your customer's as long term friendly faces or it will be a one-time entry. Today, hopping in restaurants is much more than just the right menu and serving palatable dishes. 

39 Wall Decor Tips And Tricks To Make You Go Wow

What would you like to have- plain walls or art walls? Obviously Art walls if you can create some fantastic art yourself or you can go for some wall art available in the market. Creating art yourself surely makes it more valuable. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this is for you. If you’re not, still there are a lot of options available.

The Ultimate List Of Decor Ideas For Coworking Spaces

The first step to build a coworking space is by making it look like a place that has a sharing and mutual trust. The décor of coworking place can be a tricky business because unlike a typical working area, it demands independence and a feeling of voluntary work.

20 Wood Wall Paneling Makeover Ideas

If your wooden wall panels are screaming for updates, you have knocked the right door!

Try These 29 Diy Ideas To Streamline Your Wall Art

Art can transform any ordinary space into something beautiful. In our homes or workplaces, walls take up a great deal of space, but they often go overlooked.

How To Create An Elegant Office Interior Within A Low Budget

Just as within our residencies, a mess all around has a negative impact on our mood, we can imagine how much the interior of an office where a group of people spends a considerable amount of time each day matters.

22 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Offices

Walls play a very important role in changing the style and décor of a given space. Gone are the days when plain and simple looking walls were ok to go with.

Use These 8 Decor Ideas To Make Your Event Hall Vibrant

If you're in the business of event management, you know that hosting even the smallest of debates or lectures can be a highly stressful project. From chalking up the guest list to negotiating rates with the caterer to arranging transport for your guests to ensuring everything runs on schedule, managing an event of any kind is an exercise in patience. Among the most important to-dos on the list is decorating your event hall – a mammoth task on its own as you rush from décor shop to décor shop looking for items that are stylish without being flashy. Decorating an event hall, however, doesn't have to be that stressful – as long as you get some basics right. Read on to know about some fool-proof décor tips that work perfectly for any event.

10 Diy Decor Hacks You Must Try For A Small Restaurant

Revamping is definitely a fascinating idea for architects but what about amateurs? Do they find a building from scratch interesting? Most people try to not change the structure but the content and style to give any space a brand new look to die for. There are multiple ways to set up a small restaurant, but to have one that has DIY décor helps you express the look you are trying to achieve for your restaurant and it is definitely a cheaper option than hiring an interior decorator.

18 Most Popular Home Office Design Ideas For 2019

There has been a boom in home offices in recent times. More and more employees and employers have realized that the concept of working from home is an excellent option for many problems. And then there are the entrepreneurs and young startups which need to save money initially on renting out office spaces.

Modular Wall Panels Where And How To Choose

Wall panels are much more than just a pretty addition to décor. It protects the walls, makes it considerably soundproof and of course, pleases the eye. Modular wall panels may sound like something that fixes itself specifically to an interior designer, but in reality, because such wall panels are so easy to install and versatile, there can be no better way to bring a new look to any space within a good budget.

7 Fabulous Ideas For Your Rooftop Garden

You may be living in a fast-paced metropolitan city where you not only gasp from pollution but also find an enormous shortage of trees, plants, and gardens. Modern apartments give minimal provision for full-fledged roof gardens, but the good news is you can smartly utilize the space you have.

11 Tips To Make Your Retail Store Trendy

It is the era of elegance and glitz and we should not be straying too far from it. Despite the perpetual growth in online marketing, there is still a bevy of people with the ‘try it and then buy it' attitude. Your products will surely grab their eyeballs but a decent and plush décor of your store will fetch you more than you expect.