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Getting artificial greenery for your office, or commercial space is always an inspiring and innovative choice. The green foliage, authentic bark, and natural appeal can be enough to inspire your team and fascinate your clients. However, the fake acoustic greenery from CSI Creative does more than just add charm to any surface.

Aside from adding style to any indoor space, our range of faux greenery panels help create a sound absorbing wall system. That means no matter the rumble of the air conditioner or the traffic noise; your employees can work uninterrupted and undisturbed.

The fake leaf panels from CSI Creative cut down on maintenance and all the worries of keeping a real plant. They don't make any mess or need any attention and can blend with almost any surroundings. What's more, the authentic-looking panels, with the detailed leaves and sharp contours, make for a stunning sight.

They look deceptively real and are extremely hard to tell apart. This makes them the perfect biophilic element to add to your office or commercial space as well. It can help to soothe the minds of your team, reduce stress, and spark productivity. The best part is that you get authentic, versatile, and high-quality products at an extremely low price.

Convenient, Easy to Maintain, Versatile

There's simply nothing to disappoint you when it comes to our collection of faux greenery panels. You can bring a green tide to your office space, and luckily it won't dig a hole in your pocket either. We prioritize using high-quality, superior materials for our faux greenery panes. The results are authentic-looking, durable products with zero need for maintenance.

At CSI Wall Panel, we strive to make the experience of owning a faux plant as convenient as possible. Our lightweight, durable, and expandable range of products fits the bill well. Whether you're looking to add greenery hanging from the ceiling or an artificial greenery wall, just place and forget about them.

Our range of faux greenery is nothing if not versatile. Whether you're looking to introduce biophilia to your office breakroom or rooftop seating area, the panels will excel in every setting. Moreover, the long-lasting material used in our products makes them capable of withstanding every kind of weather temperature. It's truly expendable.

Acoustic, Fade-Proof, Dust-Proof

The unique build of the artificial greenery wall panels effectively reduces noise that's usually common in workplaces. This feature to dull the noise helps create a less stressful work environment and reduces the need to raise voices. Thus, it encourages better conversation and collaboration and makes it a better place to work.

The artificial greenery collection from CSI Wall Panel is also safe for use, especially in offices and commercial spaces. Every panel we produce gets a coating of our special fire-resistant compound. The special coating prevents the panels from catching fire. Considering its permanent protection, you don't have to worry about re-coating it either.

Apart from being fire-resistant and creating an acoustic wall system, our range of products are also fade-proof. The UV-protection layer on the leaves lets you place them outside or near the window. They can bear the sun's harsh rays all year round without a complaint.

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The collection of artificial greenery walls from CSI Creative trumps all its competition in choice and quality. The special acoustic quality of the panels provides the perfect solution for workplaces to reduce noise on a budget. It's also hard to ignore the obvious calming benefit they bring.

At CSI Creative, we also recognize the aesthetic appeal of a faux greenery panel in commercial space decor. With our authentic-looking range of products, you can rest easy. Nobody will be able to tell them apart from the real thing, but you'll be spared all the headaches of maintaining a real plant.

Our products blend together the interior and exterior elements of modern decor. Whether you're looking to suspend it from the ceiling or mount it on a wall, they are a great choice for the interior greenery option. Book a consultation with us today to book a personal consultation session and get the best pick.