Linear Flow

Our Linear Flow Collection features a continuation of color throughout the linear designed panels, creating a consistent pattern and flow. Highly effective sound absorption and echo reduction is combined with visually appealing panels available in a variety of colors and lined patterns. Create long lines of continuity while supporting productivity in these PoshFelt® panels made from 100% wool felt for added texture and style.




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Featuring a continuity of color and dimension, the Linear Collection of acoustic felt wall covering, moves from space to space, and room to room, with an easy flow of form and function. Highly effective sound reduction qualities are a result of the PoshFelt® 100% wool felt material. Full of tactile texture and a large variety of colors to create an on brand visual message, the multiple-line acoustic soundproofing panels are aesthetically pleasing and full of style. For higher activity levels and better, clearer communication, these high quality felt wall mounted panels are a cool, clean and classic addition to your ienvironment.