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If you are short on space and yet need to make more room for people and furniture, why not go for movable partitions as the solution? CSI Creative understand the issues we all face with cramped rooms and stationary walls that take up a lot of space. So we came up with our own interpretation of lightweight partition wall panels for offices and other corporate settings.

Our Byobu Collection of lightweight folding acoustic partitions promises to offer you on-demand and on-the-move privacy through its movable panels and partitions. These acoustic movable partition walls can be used easily to create noise-controlled spaces wherever you want. It doesn’t matter if it's a temporary gathering of a few hours or a semi-permanent room that will stay put for a few months. These partitions can do the job for any scenario.

These are ideal for a lot of settings, apart from offices and other corporate environments. From hotels to hospitals, from schools to exhibitions, from restaurants to community living spaces, the Byobu Collection is ideal for them all. Read on to know what you can expect to find in this collection for your use.

Why Opt for CSI Creative’ Byobu Collection of Movable Partitions

Our Byobu Lightweight Folding Acoustic Partitions are incorporated with our Soundcore® acoustic felt. The Soundcore® acoustic felt offers powerful acoustical performance that enables better sound absorption as well as transmission. These are also impact-resistant and shock-absorbent, which is ideal for something that is movable. Durability is its strong point since it is non-hygroscopic, fade-resistant, and rot-resistant.

In addition, it will not change color as time passes. What could be better than having a product that will stay as good as new for a long, long time? Another great thing about our Byobu Collection is that it comes with tackable and pinnable surfaces for those all-important meetings where boards, papers, and hard slides are displayed. It is also compliant with building fire codes with a Class A rating per ASTM E84, making it absolutely safe to be used in all sorts of environments.

Our Byobu Collection can also be created with our PoshFelt™ wool felt which is antimicrobial and 100% renewable. Using PoshFelt™ can make these partitions seem even more luxurious, and create a silence that is comfortable and great for improving communication.

Check Out Our Entire Byobu Range of Movable Partitions

Our Byobu lightweight partition wall panels include acoustic room partitions, movable acoustic wall panels, portable sound dampening walls, temporary interior walls, movable soundproof partition walls, and portable soundproof rooms. All of these are easy to fold and unfold while setting up. And they can be stored in very less space.

With these, you can enjoy an increased activity and higher productivity thanks to its noise reduction capabilities. You can also expect to get privacy for your meetings and get-togethers, even in the midst of a noisy exhibition or shopping mall. They are especially perfect for open-plan offices and corporate spaces, where privacy might seem like a luxury. It is the ultimate blend of unsurpassed style and structure.

Available in plenty of colors, designs, patterns, and finishes, our Byobu Lightweight Folding Acoustic Partitions are a very practical as well as cost-effective sound dampening and noise reducing option.

Ask Us What We Can Do For You

We, at CSI Creative, believe in creating products that do not harm the environment. And nor do they harm the aesthetics of a space. In trying to create the perfect blend of such products, our Byobu Collection as well as other product ranges were fabricated. These are created from recyclable materials and are also 100% recyclable themselves.

Since we control our manufacturing and processing capabilities, we can customize these movable partitions for your specific needs. From form to patterns, from fit to size, from color to finish, expect all our products to be highly customizable.

Our team can easily work with you and your vision to create the ideal product for your specific requirements. Go ahead and set up a meeting with us today. Share your vision with us to make it come true.