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Unique Ceiling Ideas to Update the Forgotten Wall

Ceilings are often termed as the fifth wall or the forgotten wall. It’s an extremely crucial part of any interior design and should be given equal or even more attention than the walls. But, we often forget to spruce it up and keep it white and bland in most cases. The right ceiling treatment can really change a space from meh to mesmerizing and can lift everyone’s head. There are so many unique ceiling ideas for commercial spaces with exciting colors, texture and appeal that can bring charming style and utility to the setting. From bringing pleasing aesthetics to excellent functionality to the design scheme, below are a few unique ceiling ideas to update the forgotten wall in your business space.

Felt Ceiling Systems

Whether you’re creating a space for work or entertainment, learning or living, felt ceiling systems will give you stunning visuals overhead along with a better, more productive environment. These are durable, premium solutions that will design your space for eyes and ears by adding style, substance, and brilliant acoustical qualities to the setting. From felt ceiling clouds to felt ceiling baffles, felt ceiling panels to felt coverings, there are tons of options available in beautiful colors, textures, and appeal that will ensure you have a modern, chic design while reducing noise and reverberation. 

Gypsum Ceiling

If you’re looking to keep your ceiling simple yet elegant with a fresh appeal, then Gypsum Ceilings are for you. Available in various finishes, textures, colors, touches, and patterns, these ceilings are easy to maintain and perform excellent in any conditions. Some of the most efficient ceiling systems which are moisture, sag, and fire-resistant, these ceilings ensure you a sophisticated and high-performing setting. 

Greenery Ceiling

In these times where most of the commercial spaces are opting for biophilic designs, green ceilings make for a highly pleasing interior space while bringing great health benefits to the setting. They not just keep employees focussed and help in employee retention but gives you a competitive edge and helps in reinforcing brand value. Suspending plants from ceilings or creating green walls overhead or using tracks and strips, make for fascinating viewing and bring a positive aura to space. 

Wooden Ceiling

The rich, polished look of wood is irresistible. It’s a classic look which can upgrade any design scheme and make the space cozy and pleasant in no time. From flat ceiling panels to perforated ones, wood grille ceiling systems to wooden baffles, wood beams to wood coffers, there are so many options available in various finishes, grains, custom moldings, and veneers that will bring great acoustics and a premium look and feel to the design. 

Metal Ceiling

Depending on the metal type you opt for, you can depend on these ceilings to bring old-school glamour, industrial vibe, vintage charm, or a modern look to the setting. Metal ceiling solutions combine acoustic qualities with beautiful visuals and are ideal for high-impact, high-traffic spaces. From linear lines to blades, mesh design to 3D, metal canopies to metal planks, there are some really unique design possibilities with metal to create an absolutely iconic design scheme.