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8 Decor Ideas for a Classy and Upscale Lounge Bar

A lounge bar can make a luxury hotel, nightclub, restaurant, or casino awesome. But maintaining a lounge bar is very competitive. You must gain an edge over others for sustenance and growth. And, the decoration is the prime element to enjoy the patronage of a loyal clientele. This blog tells you how you can make it a chick and classy. Give a patient reading to know the details!

1. Make sitting comfortable

A lounge bar is a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. People visit it for social interaction. Comfortable sitting allows the guest to relish the time. Remove all old and dated furniture. Get plush, upholstered chairs, sofas, and lounge chairs. Everything must have arms rest. This will push up the bar design and further foster a sense of luxury.

Make sure that the sitting options have the same color or in high contrast with the table. Arrange the seats in groups and zone them out with different colors. This will improve the look and feel of the interior. Mix the eclectic sofas and chairs in a way to create a colorful interior environment.

2. Ensure acoustic comfort

Lounge bars are social places. People gather here to enjoy the company of the family, friends and, potential clients. Sometimes, live music also plays there. All these make good acoustics imperative without compromising the aesthetics.

The decorative acoustic wall panels offer a brilliant solution for this. They are available as modular wall panels, divider screens, acoustic ceiling tiles, and many other varieties. Made from 100% wool felt and acoustic fiber, they have high noise dampening quality.

You can get the decorative interior wall paneling materials in a wide range of colors. Thus, they suit any environment and allow conversation in luxurious comfort. There are also many advantages of using these custom acoustic panels. These are non-toxic and do not cause any allergy. Moreover, they have a class ‘A’ fire rating. Thus, you create a safe and sanitary spot for the guests.

3. Create an unforgettable experience with lighting

Nothing can lift up the lounge bar ambiance more than strategic lighting. Plenty of decorative ceiling fixtures are available. You can use these or create a beautiful ambiance using diffused indirect illumination. Keep it soft to create a relaxed environment. Hang pendants on the tables and use ornate sconces on the walls.

Hang a chandelier in the center of the lounge. This will deliver a gorgeous decoration to the entire area. Also, arrange artificial candle lights on the corner zones. They will create a romantic ambiance in the lounge bar.

Arrange dimmers for the lights. This will help you provide controlled lighting to create the desired ambiance. Also, showcase the wine collection with backlights. It will create a nice view. Plenty of varieties of bright lights are available. You may also use them to make the lounge attractive.

4. Embrace with live greens

Plants have a soothing effect on humans. Plants help them to de-stress, and people feel calm and relaxed near the plants. Include live plants in your lounge bar. This will enhance the look and feel with their lush green presence.

You may use them in many ways. Using flowering plants as centerpieces is a great idea. Or, you may use hanging plants from the ceiling. Should you like to create a Mediterranean vibe in the bar, the tropical plants are great for that. You can also use a bonsai version to accent. This will spruce up the ambiance.

5. Elevate the mood with background music

Music lifts up the mood and also helps to come out of the realities. Music also lets the guests have a unique drinking and dining experience. Choosing good music lifts up the ambiance and also pushes up sales.

Like wine, good music is subjective and is a matter of perception. Before you choose the music, consider the crowd is frequenting the place. Playing soft background music will make the place tranquil. The older people will love this. But the younger one will fall for rock and jazz. So, fix the ethos, nature, and outlook of the lounge bar first. It will help you select the right music.

6. Include marine life

Watching fishes swimming in the aquarium brings a calming effect on the viewer. It also helps to relieve stress. You can install an aquarium in the center of the lounge bar. Fill it up with colored pebbles, aquatic plants, fishes, other marine lives, and light it up. This will create a nice accent in the lounge bar.

You may also install it on a wall for creating an accent wall. Building it behind the bar to showcase the wine collection is also a brilliant décor option. Either way, this will lift up the ambiance of the lounge bar.

7. Pop up with color

Colors have significant influences on the customer’s moods. They can evoke a favorable reaction or can act otherwise as well. Shades of warm colors brown, orange and red deliver a beautiful feeling. Green and pink create a relaxing ambiance.

Paint the lounge bar in neutral colors like beige and light grey and add colors through furniture and tableware. This will build up a relaxing environment. Also, do not overlook the ceiling. Paint it up in a lighter shade than the walls. This will create an illusion of a high ceiling and enhance the decoration.

8. Impress with a water feature

Non-threatening sounds of flowing water have an excellent calming effect. You can include a glass waterfall in the lounge bar. Since this uses clear glass, it seems that water is flowing down both sides of the wall. These are available in various sizes. Choose one that suits. You can use it to separate one zone from the other.


The above ideas are great to make your lounge bar a quiet, comfortable and relaxing place. These are easy to follow and can produce excellent customer experience. Try these for your setting. They will make the bar the most wanted abode of the guests.