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Battle a Dull and Dreary Office Décor with These 10 Uplifting Hacks

Your office décor speaks loads about your organization, productivity and the overall happiness of your workforce.

A dull and gloomy office décor not only hinders creativity but fails to inspire the employees to give their best to the organization. Employees should feel motivated and encouraged while they enter office premises.

Fortunately, nowadays entrepreneurs have realized how a well-balanced and pleasing office exuberates its inmates and is directly related to a better performance.

Does your office lack the sparkle and looks drab and dull? A few touches of style and color can add a character and transform your office.

Wall colors

Do you know that it has been scientifically proven that the color of your walls has a profound effect on the general wellbeing and productivity of a person?

Green and blue are wise choices for office as they are lightweight colors and improve efficiency. Mellow yellow, on the other hand, is cheerful and energetic and add freshness to the rooms.

Neutral colors like dull gray, beige and white look dull and lack confidence especially if used for office indoors. You can infuse some color pops along with the neutral colors to break the monotony.

Artwork for your office

Artwork adds visual stimulation and gives color and texture to the walls and room décor. Artwork for office does not always have to be corporate. Why not use some nature paintings for the walls? They look refreshing and breaks the seriousness of the office.

Give a dose of inspiration and mount some meaningful quotes on the walls. But remember not to go overboard with it or else it will be boring.

Sculptures and paintings of local artists can add another dimension to the office décor. Family photographs and group photos of office colleagues can make them feel like part of a community. Do not forget to print and mount photographs of achievers.

Your workforce is your asset. Why not mount some pictures of the achievers? This will show how important they are to your organization.

Make some new renovations

A beautiful patterned room divider screen can be used to partition spaces and add privacy. A sound-proof two-part sliding door provides auditory insulation and looks sleek and modern.

Why not use a floor-to-ceiling free standing screen just adjacent to the elevator will provide the right amount of privacy and also looks elegant to the eyes?

You can use some modular tile wall system just behind the reception area. It layered tiles look incredibly luxurious. Beautiful acoustic patterned wall panels will look graceful and uplift the mood of any workplace.

Appropriate lighting

Proper lighting is extremely important for any office space. Insufficient lighting causes headache, fatigue, and irritation.

Modern technology enhances the mixture of daylight and artificial lighting in perfect harmony. Provide ample of natural light in the rooms.

Use glare-protected LED lights for all the workstations and get rid of the dim lights. See that all the areas of the office have even distribution of lights. Provide table lamps for each cubicle.


Remove clutter from office. Clean and tidy office space will automatically cheer up the workforce and increase productivity to a great extent.

Provide small paper cabinets for each cubicle. This will keep the desks clear and improve the overall look of the office. Encourage employees to keep their own space neat and tidy. Get rid of unwanted clutter regularly.

Mirrors on the wall

Even if you have enough windows, you have to keep them close most of the time due to centralized air-conditioning. Mirrors can create that illusion of natural daylight in the rooms.

Place mirrors at different angles. It reflects light and illuminates the entire room. A beautiful mirror right at the center of the wall behind the lounge sofa looks gorgeous and charismatic.

Add green foliage

Indoor plants not only add a touch of style to your place but it removes toxins and adds natural beauty.

Some beautiful English Ivy plants at your desk could be refreshing and don’t require frequent watering as well. Potted succulents at the entrance and the lobby will be a pleasing addition to your office setting.

Aloe Vera plants are quite a hype now mostly because of its medicinal benefits. The bright green plants need little watering and are the perfect choice for the modern desk space.

While choosing indoor plants to go for the ones that can thrive in low light and little maintenance.

Office furniture

A correctly fitted table and the chair is a must for any office space. Your workforce is the backbone of your organization, and their comfort is extremely important.

Invest in some good quality adjustable chairs. Add cushions for extra comfort. The table should be at the right height so that you can rest your arms and work on your computer. The cabinet should be wide enough to store all your paperwork and accessories.

Reclining chairs are extremely important as workers spend half of the time sitting on the chairs and working.

Bulletin boards

A bulletin board should be informative about the important events like upcoming holidays or office meetings as well as dates about staff meeting and HR policies.

Well, it does not have to look dull and educational all the time. Why not use a section of the board to highlight office culture and the employee of the month?

It can announce a new hire and pave the way to welcome him or her to the office. A “shout out” section where employees can express their views and opinions.


Why not accessorize your office space by adding some fun element and spunk to the place? A beautiful standing lamp can brighten up space to a great extent.

Get hold of all the functional accessories like decorative penholders, cardholders, sticky notes, paperclips, and bright rubber bands; they are necessary.


Employees spend one-third of their day in the office. So, your office should sparkle positive energy and reflect the culture of the organization.

Gone are the days of small cubicles and low walls. Instead, use bright and innovative partition walls. Make room for more space and allow your employees to interact and communicate with each other. After all, a happy and content workforce is the key to the success of any good organization.