39 Wall Decor Tips And Tricks To Make You Go WowWhat would you like to have- plain walls or art walls? Obviously Art walls if you can create some fantastic art yourself or you can go for some wall art available in the market. Creating art yourself surely makes it more valuable. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this is for you. If you’re not, still there are a lot of options available.

The question is- how can you customize your place? Or what can you do with a blank wall? Let us tell you that you can do a large number of things. Yes, you can create art yourself. But it can be easier as there is a wide range of art available and at a very affordable price. It will give your house a new and impressive look in an instant. So are you ready to put some art on your walls?

1.  Something simple

If you want to keep the wall simple but wish it to look classy, you can paint it in a beautiful bold color like navy blue, or red. Here we recommend you to choose from the acrylic wall panels as they come in so many beautiful colors. It is easy and simple.

2. Fond of murals?

You can paint the wall-sized mural on the whole wall. Keeping the decoration simple, it adds a lot to your space. If you do not wish to paint it, you can go for acrylic wall art decor which will give your wall a look you want. The best thing is it is much simpler than painting the wall.

3. Not to cover the whole wall?

If you do not wish to cover the entire wall, it is alright. What you can do is take a rectangular wood, any size you want. Then, take a beautiful fabric or wallpaper of your choice, paste it on the wood with the help of adhesive. We recommend you to try acoustic art panels. You can install these panels anywhere from your bedroom to your office.

4. Some old pieces

You can place your sweet memories on the wall using some old parts like old windows. Take one or two windows having 5-6 spots for pictures. Choose pictures, fix them into the spots, and paint the windows. You are ready to go. A beautiful collage can be created with this simple technique.

5. Block art

This is very simple. Just decide the place you want to have it. Decide the number of blocks you want. You can choose a picture and divide into blocks. For a neutral colored wall, you can choose some bold and beautiful colors, and your dull and ugly wall will come to life.

6. Frames without pictures

Yes, without pictures. Take 3-4 broad frames and paint them into bright colors, and it is done. Just hang them on a blank wall. It is effortless, but it shows your creativity.

7. Inspiring walls

Your wall can inspire, as well. Just write an inspirational quote from your favorite book or movie or one of your own and frame it. Hang it anywhere you want. Your walls can speak if you give them a chance to.

8. More in wall panels

Don’t want plastic or canvas? Ok. We recommend you to try coconut wall panels. These are very fashionable, free of any carbon substance and eco-friendly. It smells good and makes you feel good when you enter the room. Another option is pebble stone wall panels.

9. Classic Plates

If you have a classic plate collection and wish to show them off, walls are the place to go. Hang these plates in an artistic way, and it is done. See, so simple.

10. Your own canvas

All you need is some colors, a canvas, and a masking tape. Make a pattern on the canvas with the help of the masking tape and paint the canvas as you wish to. Remove the masking tape, and your canvas is ready.

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11. A vintage piece

If you have an old vintage piece like some old watch or compass or a vintage car model, you can convert it into an artistic part. They look so cute and add character to your room.

12. Colorful curtains

You can use curtains as well to decorate the wall. Place curtains on both sides. In the middle, you can make a gallery with several small photos, or you can hang a large-sized picture.

13. Tribal look

For a tribal touch, you can stretch a tribal tattoo theme on a canvas or frame. Just hang it, and it will beautifully adorn your wall.

14. Metal-themed gallery

You can also create a metal-themed gallery. Choose several photos or pictures and several golds or silver-colored frames. Place them on the wall, and it is done. You can also choose brass or copper-colored frames.

15. Mixing décor and functionality

You can make a mug holding rack. The creativity you can put is up to you. For instance, you can attach some metal rings on a wooden piece, color is of your choice, and hang the mugs on it.

16. Decoration lights in glass bottles

You can put some decoration lights in used wine bottles and make beautiful bottle accent lights. It is a bit of rough work. So we will recommend you to buy them. There are hanging bottle lights available in the market as well.

17. Something for the kitchen

You can use decorative wall panels for your kitchen. They go very well with your boring minimalist cabinets and regular countertops. You can also go for modern kitchen wall art.

18. Art and dish towel

Yes. Creativity has no limits. What looks unique and different is art. Just find a beautiful-looking colorful dish towel. If it has some kitchen equipment’ pictures on it, it is even better. Just frame it and hang it.

19. Some beach art

All you have to do is collect seashells of different sizes. If they are of different colors, then right, else paint them into bright colors. Then glue them on a canvas and frame. Again it is up to you to show your creativity. You can make a sandy background, for instance.

20. Some art for the corner

You can paint a large mural in the corner in bold colors. You can paint it as a theme and place furniture accordingly. You can decorate a tree and put a bean bag under it.

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21. Wipe-off board

A chalkboard can also be used to create art for the kitchen. Write the day-wise menu, and there you go. You can also make it with some patterned paper and put it in a frame.

22. Have some old yarn balls?

If you have some old yarn balls, then take a shadow box and glue the balls in it. You can make a rainbow pattern or some shape by mixing some white balls or just put them randomly.

23. Make a wall clock with pictures

Pick 12 pictures of your choice. You can choose landscapes or your family photos. Place a watch in the middle. Then put the images around it in line with the numbers on the clock. See, your wall came to life.

24. Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

Mirrors reflect your image. So let it reflect your creativity. Take a medium-sized- mirror. Make your preferred design with paint, sticks, or other material. Paint it and attach the Mirror to it. You can also collect several small-sized mirrors and place them in some pattern on the wall.

25. White, the color of peace

On a bold-colored fence, you can place a white canvas with a message on it. Create wooden letters, glue them on the canvas, and spray paint it. You can also choose any color if not white.

26. No plastic, no wood, and no tiles

If you do not want any of these, we recommend you felt wall covering. These are made of fine wool and give your space a natural and elegant look.

27. Something else in natural

If you are looking for native, then we recommend you fiber glass resin wall panels. They are an excellent option nowadays. They give a natural look and are available in a large number of colors, patterns, and styles.

28. No tiles in the bathroom

If you do not want tiles in your bathroom, then tile effect bathroom wall panels can be an alternative. They look like tiles, but actually, they are not.

29. Lighting canvas

You can add little LED lights in a canvas background. The pattern can be of your own choice. It can be a constellation pattern. And a beautiful canvas is ready.

30. What about kids?

For kids’ room, painting them in a neutral color like cheesecake yellow or custard yellow is a good option. You can go with homemade wall decoration ideas for a kid’s bedroom. One more idea is to paint their favorite cartoon character. They will like nothing more than this.

31. Use artificial flowers

How can I decorate my bedroom walls? This question is asked very frequently. With artificial flowers; you can make a beautiful art piece for your partner. You can write some message or make a heart. It will have a significant effect on the mood.

32. Bring culture into your balcony

If you have collected some art pieces on your trip, which reflects the culture of that place, you can place them in your gallery. You can also put some matching furniture, and you are right.

33. Change with time

You can hang a long glass window on the wall. Then according to the season or in a few months, you can change the decorations on it. The glass window is just the backdrop for the different decorations.

34. Decorate with foil tape

You can make wallpaper-like the design on a plain wall. Then put the foil tape on it and give your boring wall a new look.

35. Paper-mesh letters

You can create large letters with paper mesh and spray paint them in gold, silver, or zinc. Then place them randomly on the wall.

36. Papercraft

You can cut shapes from colorful papers. Be it birds or any shapes and make a garland with it. You can hang it or paste them on the wall.

37. Stencil art

Stencils can be used beautifully to decorate a wall. You can paint the upper half of the wall or a corner side or the complete wall. It gives the wall a fresh look.

38. Some botanical art

In 2019, bold plants are making their way in the house. If you can’t bring these in the house, don’t worry. You can put some botanical print paintings on the wall. Make a collage and see, nature is here, in one form or other.

39. Hanging Vase

Paint a medium-sized wooden canvas. Attach a metal ring to it and hang a jar. You can put real flowers in it, or artificial flowers will also work. It is simple and elegant.
If you wish to decorate your home, there are numerous ideas. But in today’s time, our schedule is tight. Giving time for DIY isn’t very appealing. It sounds better to buy stuff from the market and take an expert’s advice. There are so many options in the market to cover your walls beautifully. All you have to do is to put the finger on what you want to put on your walls, bathrooms, kitchen, or garden.

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