10 Diy Decor Hacks You Must Try For A Small RestaurantRevamping is definitely a fascinating idea for architects but what about amateurs? Do they find a building from scratch interesting? Most people try to not change the structure but the content and style to give any space a brand new look to die for. There are multiple ways to set up a small restaurant, but to have one that has DIY décor helps you express the look you are trying to achieve for your restaurant and it is definitely a cheaper option than hiring an interior decorator.

Brick and stone wall: The love for naked walls

Brick walls have been trending for quite some time now. This provides an amazing rustic look which is perfect for small restaurants. You may not have enough space for seating 30 people at a time. It's best not to think about brick wallpapers as they look extremely tacky. They are not only very cheap to look at but also come off real easy, instead, you can get 3D brick wall panels for decorating your commercial space. It may seem like a cumbersome task but is definitely a doable job.

Not a fan of Rustic décor, try new color schemes

Rustic may not be your taste, get your walls bright colors. A very easy method would be to create wall art if you have a casual dining approach. This can be a funky graffiti or a modern abstract painting or a write-up. If you are not much of a painter or wish to keep it classic at your restaurant, get decorative interior wall paneling. Wall panels come in different shapes and sizes and also in solid colors. You can make attractive color schemes from multi-color wall panels.

Clean little chic washroom

Since we are considering a small space, let's say the washroom is quite small in comparison to huge commercial spaces. This means to need to set it up as the perfect powder room for ladies and clean chic gentlemanly for the men. Go for neutral colors and you would be on the safe side. Get some waterproof wall panels for bathrooms; you can also opt for textured wall panels for the bathroom. These not only look gorgeous but lives up to the expectation of a posh washroom. Add clean cut glass mirrors with hand dryers, enough tissue papers and you are good to go.

Light it up now

Add indirect lighting to the space. Since the space is small, there is only so much you can do. It would be wrong to have direct lighting facing the guests. This would not only make the space unnecessarily bright but also be extremely uncomfortable for the guests. Design your own unique indirect lighting techniques. Get hanging light bulb fixtures attached to the ceiling and it would be a perfect set up for a small space.

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A wall to scribble on

Wall is going to be a big part of your restaurant décor. You can make a commenting wall just for the customers. This can be one with the wall working like a blackboard. This would help customers interact with the business and create a more cordial relationship with customers. Also, a black wall scribbled with chalk tells a personalized story.

Keep it simple

Dinnerware and tableware is one such thing which needs to be updated according to the theme. If you are hoping to give your restaurant an upscale look, try using melamine. This is not only cost effective but also durable at the same time. For a more personal touch have your restaurant logo embossed on the plates. Skip the table cloth; we are so over with that trend. There is no need for that. Simple polished wooden tables are enough with clean tableware to amplify the look.

How about an accessory overhaul?

Simply speaking, it's called hoarding; unless you are one of those owners, please avoid adding a memorable piece to the décor. It is not your home. Decorate your space with items that are aligned with the theme of your restaurant. If it is casual dining go for trendy artworks, colors and unconventional lighting. If it is an upscale look, try geometric designs, flat metal wall panels, and simple clean utensils.

Lights, colors, where's the sound

To create the ultimate ambiance for a cozy ambiance, it is important to have subtle music playing in the background. A lot of owners have customers choose their song; this may lead to a disturbance in the ambiance for others. Be considerate about the ambiance and appeal of your restaurant and have a list of songs or music that goes with it and let customers choose from there. You don't need a DJ for that, this is something you can do yourself.

A bit more green

Centerpieces are a great choice for adding a bit of personal touch. You can have handcrafted pots of green succulents as centerpieces. These go well with all sorts of décor. This would not intervene with the type of decor you have because the green plants can adapt well with all kinds of ambiance. You can alternatively have a clean glass bottle and add fresh flowers. Have a glass painter add your restaurant's logo or something that it aims to be painted on the glass centerpieces; this would also be a creative way to connect with the customers.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Nothing says upscale like a completely clean and chic design. What could add to the glory are framed mirrors on the wall. This would absolutely revamp the look of the walls and give your restaurant a classy look. The clean-cut mirrors with symmetrical frames, maybe in gold, would look amazing on a solid colored wall.