Architectural Wall PanelsDecorations are very important for your home to look good and make you feel good. Guests are coming over to your house also feel attracted to the decoration. Bathrooms are always an attraction, so we always want them to look good. Be it the master bathroom or the guest’s bathroom, and decorations are a must!

If you are trying to plan out the decoration for the guest’s bathroom, then there are few inexpensive and simpler ways.

Easy ideas for the decoration of the Guest’s Bathroom.

1. Paint of the Bathroom.

Select the color of your choice. It is not mandatory that it has to be glossy. Matte can also do the magic. Paint the walls in your bathroom with the selected color and make sure that the paint is washable. Because in the bathroom water splashing against the wall, will happen to be a regular activity. To avoid the damage you should choose a washable paint.

Along with the walls, paint the cabinets too, with a semi-gloss color. This will help to maintain the contrast. Lighter the color, bigger looks the bathroom.
This is advised to choose a light but bright color.

2. Fixture Replacement and the Lighting.

There are a lot of stores from where you can buy the lighting fixtures in trend. Replace the new ones with the old and make your guest bathroom look attractive. The electrical side is advised to be left in the hands of an expert electrician, who can plan up things according to the size, shape and look of your guest bathroom.

LED lights can be a good option. So, you can go ahead and choose LED lights for the upgrading the look. They are very energy efficient and never heats up your bathroom.

3. Wall Arts for your Guest Bathroom.

The unornamented walls can be made to look good with different kinds of wall arts, which are affordable and pocket-friendly. There are canvas prints which are water-resistant. Oversized proportions can impart the best visual impacts.

Decorative 3D wall panels and unique wall panels can give a good look to the bathroom.

Make a custom print and laminate that for water resistance. The guest bathroom can get a customized look. The other way to decorate the guest bathroom walls can be putting a wall gallery of objects like starfish or the Sun, etcetera.

If there are wall panels in the wall, then they should also be waterproof wall panels.

4. The decoration of the tiles.

Never put up tiles which can have a tinge of boredom in it. Give the guest bathroom an attractive look by putting up 3D tiles. Do not put tiles unnecessarily in your guest bathroom décor list. If the guest bathroom can look good without tiles, then there’s no need to put tiles.

5. The maximization of Space.

If the guest bathroom space is smaller than it is wiser to make use of the maximum square footage by going vertically, if there is space, then you can put cabinets, waste bin, and laundry bag. But, if there is limited space then do not plan to make these items fit in the guest bathroom. It will make the bathroom look clumsy.

There are other ways too; Install floating wall shelves, wall mounted baskets, and you can also add small furniture style cabinet to the guest bathroom. You will be benefited in both the ways; maximization of space as well as putting a cabinet.

6. Accessories.

If the guest bathroom of your home has enough space then, you can always look up to adding accessories on your bathroom. This can add a sense of tidiness in your bathroom.

You can keep waste bin, laundry bags, and a washing machine for the guests to wash their own clothes. Orchids can be great bathroom plants, so you can always plant orchids in a small glass vase. Live plants or silk floral can be of good use if there is natural light. Room diffusers and candles can add good scents to the guest bathroom.

7. Availability of stationeries in the bathroom:

A guest bathroom should always contain an ample amount of stationeries like tissue papers, sanitary napkins, disposable bags, soap and shampoo, shaving cream, razor, razor blades, scissors, etcetera.

The guest might hesitate to ask for these stationeries, so it is always better to arrange for these items, prior to the arrival of guests.

8. A fairly neutral look to the bathroom:

The guest bathroom should always have a soothing ambiance so that guests can feel relaxed while they are in your guest’s bathroom. A monochromatic color can help you to keep it neutral. Putting eye-catchy textures will help you to grow the visual interest of the guests.

9. Mirrors:

Mirrors are the mandatory part in any bathroom. Installing mirrors in the bathroom adds the cherry on the cake. The right shape and size of the mirror can help your bathroom look bigger and better.

10. Electrical appliances:

Geysers, a small wall fan, a charging point in the corner along with a phone keeping shelf is always appreciated. A lot of people install these gadgets according to their will. A guest in your home with a perfect bathroom which contains all these will feel more comfortable.


  • The commode space and the bathing space should always be separated. The flow of water through the drainage should be swift, and without any hindrance. This will prevent the backflow of water.
  • It is always advised by the planners to avoid overcrowding of the accessories so that the aesthetic ambiance is maintained. The floor of the bathroom must be anti-skid so that accidents can be avoided.
  • You can always include vintage fixtures and bold wallpapers, patterns and textures in your guest bathroom. But, always the planning should be according to the proportion, size, and shape of your bathroom.
  • You can add basins in your bathroom, only if there is enough space for it.


It is always advised to call a planner and discuss your planning to avoid wastage of materials. A proper planner can also guide you make your guest bathroom look cool. It helps to carry out the decoration in a cost-effective way.