The Art Of Decorating And Designing Modern Offices ExplainedThe definition of a modern office is so vast a current office is not only a place where administrative and managerial work happens but also a place where there is:

Opportunity for growth

An open culture

Collaboration among colleagues

Challenge everyday

Motivation to employees

Justice, transparency, and fairness at work

Therefore modern offices are much more than just office spaces. Lot of thought, planning, and execution goes into creating and maintaining them. For some tips and ideas on decorating and designing modern offices, read on.

Follow the Art of Placements

Modern offices, built for all the reasons above, still comply with the arts of placement and good luck like Feng Shui and Vaastu. There is no harm in following their principles. Don’t overdo nor have superstitions, but place the office machinery and other furniture with some thought to it. There is no need to make structural modifications at all. Just decorate it well with maybe a water fountain in the north, some lush green silk trees or imitation logs in the east. Use lots of lights and lamps, maybe to highlight an artificial snake plant, in the south. Place some steel or other metal planters with fake forest trees in the west.

Go Green

Going green is the need of the hour. You have to save and protect the environment; there are no two ways about it. Every modern office will have concerns about nature and the environment. You too need to make the office look pretty, green, and inviting. Have lots of artificial trees in many varieties around the office. Half your décor is taken care of with this. Lots of ceramic planters around the office building and inside various rooms too are a must. If yourself are worried about spoiling the expensive floor tiles, you needn’t worry. Just place them on a faux tree stump placed where you want it. Keep the pot on it. See the place look great.

Choose plants from:

Fake bonsai tree

Fake forest trees

Artificial Cactus

Artificial snake plant

Keep one artificial cherry blossom tree at one corner of the reception area or foyer; see the wow looks from visitors and employees.

Create an artificial green wall somewhere with fake vines, artificial bark, decorative tree branches, etc. Fix pretty focus light on highlighting these pretty plants and seeing the office come alive with life. Modern office spaces also have green roofs covered with vegetation and plants placed over a waterproof sheet or flooring. Use environmental friendly technology like cool roofs or thermal solar plants along with this.

Color It Up

Modern offices are not drab and dull anymore. They are vibrant and bright places. They should be, as using colors does make your office a better workplace. Chronology, or the scientific use of colors, suggests that the use of the right colors in the office could enhance productivity and output; keep the employees happy and healthy; improve their behavior and nature; reduce stress and mood swings.

So, a modern office should use some colors listed below:

Yellow: It brings in fresh energy and brightness; heightens memory powers and intelligence. Offices, especially ones dealing with animation, graphic designing, interior decoration, etc must use yellow somewhere at the office.

Blue: Makes employees more hopeful, confident, and optimistic. It also reduces work stress and blood pressure.

Orange: Get the lazy employees to work harder with increased enthusiasm and eagerness. It makes them more confident too.

Violets and Purples: If you want more tolerance and collaboration among colleagues, bring in shades of violets and purples into the modern office

Green: Green is the color of nature, new life, and hope. Offices, where employees face high pressures and deadlines, should use green.

Use these colors in drapes, blinds, seat covers, cushions, and other furnishing and tapestry. Place some vases with these colored flowers. A big sunflower on the East wall of the office will look great and energize the employees as well.

Modernize gadgets

Gone are the days of the typewriters and comprehensive postal services. A modern office is now geared with the latest machinery for communication and working too. There will be printers, shredders, multimedia equipment, projection systems, and the like. Lightening communication is the need of the day, and all modern offices are well equipped with the means. Place all these modern gadgets on neat and organized cabinets or tables. Place an artificial tree trunk near them and keep some beautiful plants on it.

Follow the Collaborative Culture

Most offices today don’t have the luxury of large spaces or complexes. It’s only the big giants who have them. For the others, they have to use the space available to them. Luckily, with collaborative culture set in everywhere, it has become easy to have a large hall instead of small cabins and cubicles.

Landscape the Office

Like mentioned earlier too, modern offices are vibrant places. Use creative ideas to landscape the office, indoors and outdoors. This helps to enhance the beauty, keep it neat and clean, create great impressions on people, attract more business, and pleases and motivates the employees to work harder. Go in for wholesale silk plants and flowers and artificial landscaping at the office.

Use themes and décor ideas like the following at the entrance, in reception areas, on the terrace, in the garden, near the boundary, and at workstations:

Health Corners

Collaborative seating arrangements

Reading Corners

Rockeries and Fountains

Terrariums and Topiaries

Aquatic or Animal Parks

Cultures of countries that you work with

Apart from this, you can set up a cool gym and an excellent cafeteria for the employees. They will bless you for this and look forward to coming to office. Keep the office simple, creative, and well organized. Modernization has given you that freedom to decorate it. Keep it a happy and productive place. See your business grow.