"3DWall panels let you live like a champ every day

People invite family and friends to their homes. The offices are also always full of the customers, clients, and visitors. No matter if it is a residential or commercial place that has to be impressive. This is why the architects, designers, and the homeowners prefer 3D wall panels.

In case you are looking for 3D wall panels, here are the basics for you.

Places where 3D wall panels can be used

Besides use for home, these can be used in the flowing places

• Corporate offices
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Casinos
• Hospital & healthcare facilities
• Municipal Offices
• Museums
• Movies & Auditoriums

But this list is not exhaustive. You may use wall panels in many other ways with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Wherever you may use them, they amplify the beauty of the place.

Major variants to embellish walls

The 3D wall panels are named after the core material used in their manufacturing. You can pick any of the followings for decorating the walls.

1. Gypsum wall panels

The 3D gypsum wall panels can be transformed into any shape and structure. Due to this they are the most popular and have a versatile use. These can be used in places where chances of moisture of moisture ingress are low. They can also be painted and deliver a royal ambiance with appropriate lighting.

2. MDF wall panels

These are made from the medium density fiberboards and hence the name. This is light and portable and one of the cheap wall paneling options. They have smooth surfaces free from grains. This gives them the most contemporary look. Their look can also be further enhanced by painting and using veneers.

3. Acrylic wall panels

When you want a mesmerizing blend of colors and patterns, the acrylic panels are ideal. Made from acrylic sheets these are great for wet and splash areas. These are very light but strong and durable. Coming in large sheets, they can be used in many ways. You can even cut them to suit any specific space requirement.

4. Wood wall panels

These are the traditional forms of wall panels. You can use them for your home and office. The beauty of the wooden boards is that they can match any décor theme. These are made from natural wood with the help of 3D optics. Coming in attractive designs, these are great to deliver a cozy and comfy ambiance.

5. Metal Wall panels

These are generally manufactured using steel or aluminum. Copper and bronze are also used for the metallic glint they deliver. They create a magical environment when light falls on them. These are very strong and durable and the costliest of all wall paneling options. As such, these are mostly used by large commercial settings.

6. Stone wall-panels

These textured wall panels are ideal for applying for the exterior in all weather conditions. However, you can use them in showers and kitchens. Available in multiple patterns they impart a rustic look to the walls and offer excellent protection.

7. Glass wall panels

This is another costly wall paneling option. They are made using toughened glass. You can get them in plain and tinted varieties. They are also available with etched designs. These are generally used in commercial settings for defining zones. If budget permits, they can be used in wet areas like showers.

There are acoustic varieties as well

1. Fabric wall panels

These acoustic wall panels are made using cotton and other artificial sound absorbent materials. They come in a wide array of bold colors and have excellent sound dampening properties. It makes them great for commercial settings like seminal halls, clubs, etc. These are also combined with other materials. Using them, you can enjoy both decoration and functionality.

2. Felt wall panels

When looking for a luxurious indoor, the felt panels are the best. Made from wool, they deliver a luxurious feeling to the interior. Available in vivid colors they list up the place to the next level. Because of their high noise reduction coefficient, they can make the interior free from repercussions.

Installing wall panels

Since the 3D wall panels are available as boards or tiles, they are DIY friendly. They need no demolition or surface preparation. Anyone having some DIY exposure and willing to spare a few weekend hours can mount them easily. But you must take exact measurements to avoid wastages.

The great thing about the 3D wall panels is that they do not need skilled professionals. You can get these installed by local technicians. Many wall panels also come with free installation option. Pick such one to be relieved from installation headaches.

Maintenance is not an issue

The 3D decorative wall panels are maintenance-friendly. The core material of the wall panels dictates the modes of maintenance. You may clean the felt panels using a vacuum cleaner. For other types, you may use a feather duster or a soft cloth for dusting. Stains are also an issue in the maintenance of the 3D wall panels. These can be easily removed with a soft cloth moistened in soapy water. These will keep them shining for an extended period.

From where to buy 3d wall panels

CSI offers the best decorative and acoustical wall panel solutions. These are available in a plethora of varieties like panels, tiles, coverings, ceiling, and hanging solutions.

They can also be customized to align with any décor need. No matter if it is a residential or commercial setting, they have solutions for everything. These wall panels are free from VOC. This makes them environment-friendly.

These also have LEED certification, and as these are class ‘A’ fire rated, they are safe to use.


Walls are not for confining a space; they are a great interior canvas. With their wondrous beauty, 3D wall panels can turn a dull place that into a fascinating one. Now that you know everything about them use this knowledge for revamping your home or office interiors.