How To Add Character To Basic Architecture With Wall PanelingIf your home lacks architectural excellence, you are not alone. We dream of an elegant home. But more than often we are compelled to buy based on budget. These mass-produced homes need some architectural treatment besides furniture and accessories. This blog post gives you inspiring ideas on adding character with wall paneling.

A stellar product for a premier experience

Using wall panels is one of the trendiest techniques to make the walls elegant. It can be done on the interior and exterior as well. Wall paneling is famous for its decorating and protecting power. These are available in many core materials and named after that. You can choose anything from acrylic, gypsum, MDF, metal, stone, wood panels, etc.

Wall paneling is the most cost-effective way of revamping the unsymmetrical walls. Additionally, they are also great to create a beautiful focal point. Coming in a plethora of styles, colors, and designs, these offer the best decorating solution. Using these you can bring in a magical change in your home decoration.

These come in a definite geometric shape and are easy to install. This involves no demolition, and no surface treatment of the walls is also required. You can use them everywhere in your home from the living room to the bedroom, to the kitchen and bathroom. If you have some DIY exposure, you can install them on the weekend.

Almost limitless innovative options

The wall panels offer practically limitless customization. They are available in a plethora of materials, sizes, designs, and styles. Moreover, these can be further customized to suit any specific décor need. These design driven architectural wall panels can be chosen based on the core material. When used continuously on the walls, they deliver a fantastic interior experience.

Gypsum 3d wall panels

They are available in a variety of designs like weave, stud, pop, hive, etc. The unique textures make this versatile to add a dramatic character to the walls.

Using these you can easily create a large wall surface with seamless harmonization. These have a paintable surface. Combined with the right illumination, they can make your interior glam with textural beauties. Besides creating a magical interior, gypsum panels have many other benefits. These have reasonable fire protection quality.

Using gypsum panels also help to reduce the noise level in the interior making it a good option for the living rooms. You can use them on the ceiling for improving the rooms further. These are also eco-friendly and, hence, a safe wall paneling option.

3d MDF panel

Decorative MDF panels also offer excellent wall paneling option for interior walls. These are lightweight and can be installed easily on the walls. Available in a plethora of designs they are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, etc.

The medium density fiberboard panels offer a cost-effective paneling option. They have a very smooth surface and can be painted for matching any décor theme.

Acrylic panels

These have the latest modern finish and deliver a clean, contemporary interior. Coming with a glossy texture, they appear like painted glass panels. These are also extremely smooth and tough. They also create an excellent balance between transparency and brightness. You can use them anywhere in the home from your bedroom to the kitchen and shower.

These highly flexible paneling options are light and can be installed easily. Installing them on the wall brings in a dramatic improvement in the basic architecture. You can use this waterproof option conveniently in the wet areas.

Metal panels

This is a costlier option and mainly used for commercial interiors. If you want to make your kitchen makeover looks elegant, you may use metal panels. These are incredibly resilient and durable. They deliver a clean metallic finish that complements the kitchen accessories in style.

Stone panels

The faux stone wall panels area great choice for the interior and the exterior as well. These decorative wall panels can deliver a rustic look to your home. You can use them for revamping an alcove, fireplace, kitchen, etc. These are also very good to create a feature wall.

These are durable, light in weight, and can be installed easily. Plenty of texture and color varieties are available for adding depth and dimension to the interior.

Wood wall panels

This is traditional and most commonly used wall paneling option. The architectural wood veneer wall panels are available as bespoke paneling system with modular designs. These are great for full wall covering and wainscot paneling as well.

Do not forget the fifth wall.

The fifth wall or ceiling is equally essential for interior wall paneling. When you look to hide the flaws in your ceiling, felt panels offer a great décor solution. These are durable and provide a soft touch.
Available in a broad range of colors, these can add a dramatic visual to the ceiling.

Due to their high sound dampening power, these are excellent for the living room. These can also be used in the study room for introducing a quiet feeling.

Made from 100% felt, they are incredibly light. You can get them in modular designs. Thus, they can be installed easily. Other than covering the ceiling, these are also great for dividing rooms. Using this is sure to make your home special.

Points to remember

Measure the area of the walls precisely for estimating the wall panned requirement. Also, make a list of the accessories and the fittings required. This will remove all confusion and minimize the wastage.

Many wall panel manufacturers offer free installation. Check if that is available. This will save you cost and the weekend hours. Else, look for local techs if you do not like DIY.

You may choose any wall panel if the budget permits. But, make sure that it matches the existing arrangement.


The walls of your home are like a vast canvas. Cladding these with wall panels add charm and value. Available in high-tech materials, they protect the walls and also hide the blemishes. Implement the above ideas in your home. This will lift up the architecture and make it adorable.