Gypsum - 3D Decorative Wall Panels Fine dining is an experience everyone wants. Eating healthy and tasty food is not enough. To make eating more enjoyable and thus to get the best nourishment through your food, you need to sit in a clean and beautiful dining area. Your dining room is also the meeting point for your family members where everyone gathers around the table, and share’s the day’s experiences. It is here that you serve delicacies to your guests too.

Let’s see how you can make the dining room a more beautiful and inviting room. Look into these components one by one. They are simple ideas, but useful when implemented.

1. Lighting

Have as much of natural light coming into the room as possible. Try doing up a wall which looks outside with translucent stone panels. This will bring in some extra light along with the light from the windows. You can also enjoy admiring the flowers growing in your garden and gazing at the stars during dinner. Hang sheer drapes for that flowing look. Hang a pretty chandelier from the ceiling. Try the fan and light combo fitting for the grand look. Try the designer fans available these days. Fix sleek and matching switchboards on the walls.

Make niches in the walls for showpieces or planters. Paint the inner wall with decorative wall panels. Highlight these with decorative lights. Fix ceiling lights for that starry effect too. Place creatively designed lamps in corners to highlight the area. The light is coming in from hanging lanterns also adds to a touch of grandeur and beauty.

2. Seating

The chairs should be comfortable and the right height to reach the dining table. You have the option of chairs with only a backrest or with the backrest and the arms to support you. This depends on the size of the room and the table. Drape the chairs with pretty tapestry. Floral designs go well in the dining room. You can even use slipcovers on the backs and change them as often as you like. Buy trendy chairs if you like. Try bright colors on the tapestry.

If there is sufficient space, you can have a cozy family eating nook too. Place your comfortable and favorite chairs against the wall or window and enjoy your family meals here. Have some favorite books and magazines on an open shelf or a side coffee table. Play some beautiful music to accompany you while dining. Place a stand with some scented candles in it.

3. Walls

Drab walls look very dull and boring. Paint the walls with a designer finish or a beautiful color. Highlight the fireplace or a different mantle wall with interior stone wall panels or 3d decorative wall panels. You can even go in for that environmental look with translucent stone panels or shell mosaic wall tiles. Both will look gorgeous and add wonders to your dining room.

4. Flooring

Try that bold pattern on the flooring. Match it with the color scheme. Vitrified tiles are available in various shades and patterns. Throw in an ethnic rug or two for that unique look.

5. Ceiling

A plain white ceiling will not look that attractive, especially when you want to hang a pretty little chandelier there. Take all eyes to the ceiling with decorative ceiling panels which come in various designs and hues. You will have many a people looking up and talking with you in social gatherings!

6. Cabinets

Give the cabinets or chest of drawers in your dining room a look of textured wall panels. Or have glass panels to showcase the cutlery and crockery placed inside. Place a vase of flowers, or a candle stand with beautiful scented candles. Display your bar collection in the glass door cabinet or bar cabinet. It makes the room also look sophisticated and luxurious. See if you can have a dining room island where you place your extra crockery. Hang a decorative light over it.

7. Decorative Items

Since you would have selected a color theme for your dining room, you can display showpieces that compliment that color. Plates, vases, candle stands, bowls, etc. are good ideas. You can also place some photo frames with beautiful memories of your life. Colorful flowers on the main dining table and mantles or cabinets look good. And they will stand out especially if you place them against textured wall panels. Hang a wind chime at the window for that melodious sound while you are eating. Hang some art pieces on the walls.

8. A Touch of Nature

Bring in a touch of nature by placing some plants in decorative planters. Go in for palms or other evergreen indoor plants. This touch of green goes well with all decors. You can also place some pretty bird feeders just outside the window. See them come and eat along with you. You will love the experience.

9. Tapestry

Be bold and creative in your decoration and in choosing the tapestry. Try to mix patterns to make those unique items or pieces of furniture come out as highlights. Go in for floor to ceiling drapes for that luxurious look. If you have a neutral color theme to your dining room, try colorful runners and dining table mats and napkins. This gives an exquisite look to the room.

10. Entertainment

Place the grand piano at some corner and play it on social and family gatherings. Fix speakers or sound system to have music playing in the background. You may want to have a dance or two just before or after your meals.

You can try out different styles of dining rooms:

  • rustic
  • woody
  • farm like
  • eclectic
  • metallic
  • arty
  • nautical
  • golden

 Make that individual statement look. See the place come alive. You will find that the youngsters in your house will love to sit there and eat with you rather than going solo in front of TVs or computers. Happy dining!