7 Practical Tips To Manage A Bedroom Makeover On A Budget The bedroom is arguably the most important room. It is your sanctuary to relax and sleep at the end of a tiring day. Your bedroom should, therefore, be a lovely tranquil place for complete rest of the body and mind. Although bedroom makeover on a budget is challenging, this is not impossible.

Here are 7 ways that will help you to do that.

1. Look around to assess what you need

Looking around the bedroom does not cost you anything. So, you must check everything as if you are seeing those for the first time. List what you have in the bedroom. Maybe, you will find things that you do not need in the bedroom. Remove these things immediately.

This will help you de-clutter the bedroom and also make it spacious. If these things are not required in the house, sell those or give on charity. Check what you need to include in the bedroom for getting the desired look. Make a list of the priorities and get the essentials first. This will help you to stay within the budget.


2. Make the bed the centerpiece

Making over the bedroom is a continuous journey, and you improve as you move on. Once the bedroom is free from clutter and you have clear visions, start rearranging the bed. There is no need to change it. You may paint it for giving a new look.

Place the bed against the most massive wall of the room. Place other furniture around it. This will make the bed an excellent focal point. Now update the bedding. White is always a safe proposition. However, you may use light color bed sheets that complement the color of the room.

There is no need to have a costly headboard. You can quickly make adorable headboards using colorful curtains. Also, consider having cute pillows and a well-designed rug for giving a facelift. If you have space, you may add a bench at the end of the bed.

3. Use a comforting shade

Painting the bedroom in one color makes it cozy and comfy. The general rule of thumb is to use neutral color shades in the bedroom. However, you may use the color that makes you calm. You should not also forget to paint the ceiling while painting the walls. Paint it in matching colors for a great view. As an example, you may paint the walls in blue with a darker tone for the border. Combine it with soft white or light green ceiling for a nice ambiance.

4. Play with lighting

The bedroom is a sacred place to retreat and relax every day. This makes the comfortable lighting in the bedroom essential. It must have a tranquil ambiance as well, for a calm and quiet feeling. You may have overhead pendant lights or a chandler. But, switching these off and using as decorative pieces will yield better results.

Instead, have lamps on the walls for ambient lighting. This will let you do the regular cleaning and making the bed. For doing some other activities like bedtime reading etc., try to mount reading lamps on the headboard.

Alternatively, you may use a decorative table lamp. Use accent lighting to highlight the features and art pieces in the bedroom. Using dimmers and artificial candle lights create a romantic environment. This also takes you to the sleeping mode.

5. Make a statement with mirrors and antiques

Mirrors can create a magical ambiance in the bedroom. It makes a room bright by bouncing light. Aside from being a utility product, a mirror can make a bedroom glam radiating love and romance. This also creates an illusion of more space in a small bedroom.

Having a sunburst mirror over the bed helps to build a fabulous focal point and upscale the bedroom. You can also use a large mirror in the bedroom for popping up the environment. This will also let you check your dress before you go out.

Bringing in an antique in the bedroom can lift up the environment. You may have anything vintage on a bedside table. Should you like to have a romantic flavor, you may include erotic pieces in the bedroom. These will no doubt take it to the next level aplomb in a jiffy.

6. Consider window treatments

Bedroom window treatments must ensure privacy and, at the same time, improve the décor. You can use blinds or curtains. These two can also be used in combination. If you have blinds, you may cover it up curtains printed in solid floral prints. Drapes are also great for the bedroom. Since these cover from the top of the window to the floor, they are ideal for a bedroom. These will add depth and drama to the bedroom.

7. Revamp with interior wall paneling

Decorative wall panels offer almost endless possibilities for upgrading the old and dull walls. These are made of different core materials like Gypsum, Felt, MDF, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Stone, and Fiberglass, etc. Aside from choosing based on the core material, you may also choose from varieties of collection based on the requirement. Each of these collections is also available in many designs.

 Cumulus

 Flaps

 Five Senses

 Stencil

 High Impression

 Chisel Gypsum

 Glacier

 Green Idea

 Forte Lightweight concrete

The 3d decorative wall panels need no construction activities. Coming in particular geometric shapes, these can be easily mounted on the walls. These architectural wall panels also have excellent texture. You can play with illumination to create a magical ambiance in the bedroom.

Cladding the bedroom walls with gypsum 3d wall panels is also a brilliant option. Other than improving the aesthetics, these also hide wall flaws and provide reasonable thermal resistance. Made from sustainable, VOC free material; these are also safe to use.


A bedroom makeover is all about changing the look and feel. As you see, there are many possibilities even if you are on a budget. You may try these ideas or play with your creativity and imagination to have some incredible look.