The A to Z guide to Shortlisting the best wall panels for your living roomsThe living room is the most important place of the house because it is the entry to the house. While designing the whole of the house with great looking walls, it is important to provide some special attention to the living room. It is not about just installing any wall panel in your living room. The panels need to be properly selected so that they look stunning and attractive to the guests whoever are entering the house. Also, the wall panels should match or at least complement with the wall panels of rest of the house.

Here are some of the examples of different wall panels that can be used to be installed in the living room.

Wooden wall panels 

Many people these days go for the wall paneling that is made up of pallet wood. Pallet wood is not something similar to the normal wood. It is mainly the hardwood that is robust and durable in nature. Also, it is available in already different block sizes. This means that there is no such necessity of cutting the wood pieces to make up the panels of the wall. 

Today wood wall paneling is available in different forms such as oak wall paneling or white wood panels from options like CSI Wall Panels to match up with the taste of the house owners. Also today there are some innovative ways to make the living rooms and its elements come into limelight. The wall on which the big LCD TV has been installed can be of broken wood to provide it a dramatic look.

The 3D wall panels

With technology advancing fast, some new things can be noticed even in the case of the wall panels. The wall panels living room are much different than the contemporary ones. Not just regarding the color and design but also regarding how they look and make a viewer feel about the room. The 3d wall panel is the most fantastic example of such panels.

3d is about bringing the picture into life. This concept is also used in case of the walls and hence there are now many such 3d patterns available for the walls. These patterns are best used in the living room as it creates drama and will compliment the furniture, electronics and other materials available in the living room.

A combination of modern and contemporary

Many people wish to have a combination that reflects both the modern designs along with the contemporary concepts. An excellent way to have such combination is by opting for the architectural wall panels. These are mainly the textured wall panels where there are various textures available such as waves, geometric textures, sea saw and similar panels. Waves look amazing in the walls of a living room that are a rectangle in shape. Sea saw panels can be provided to the walls to highlight certain objects such as bookshelves.

These patterns are available in different color combinations too and also in 3D versions to make the living room look even livelier. One example of such lively pattern is the textured gypsum wall panels from CSI Wall Panels. The properly carved wall panels provide a look of 3D effects to the wall and also to the living room.

Faux Panels

With growing technology, a number of ideas are flourishing to make living even better than yesterday. One such results of technology are the faux wall panels. There are wall panels available with the look of leather or bricks. Often the leather wall panels are noticed behind the sofa or the couch or the brick walls panels are noticed to provide a different look or a theme to the living room.

All these are faux wall panels such as the interior brick wall panels. The leather panels are available in different shapes, designs and colors to suit the interior, space and the furniture and fixtures of the living room. Similar is the case for the faux brick wall panels. These may not be available in many colors and shapes of course to maintain the color of the brick, but there are some experiments that can be done with the pattern of the wall panel. Still, there are a few choices to be made in the color section such as burnt bricks, white bricks, and the normal colored bricks.

Some other wall panels

Apart from the above-mentioned wall panels; there are many more other choices and options to go for. One of the most common is the stone wall panels. These are somewhere similar to the brick wall panels but are also available in varied colors and patterns. These are mainly made up of polyurethane that is quite natural in looking. These are very much attractive to the eyes and are also durable in nature.

Typically stainless steel wall panels are not used in living rooms, but today almost everything is possible in interior designing. There are many instances when one particular wall of the living room has these wall panels to be there just behind the seating arrangements done or for the television or the music system.

The most happening wall panels that should be talked about for any living room are the plastic wall panels. These panels can be chosen based on different themes such as plants, flowers, nature and many other themes that you wish to bring live in your living room. Beautiful sceneries such as birds sitting on a branch are also some of the most common themes that can be arranged in a living room. These can go complimenting with the bookshelves, seating arrangements, and others.

The living room is just as an introduction to the house and hence it has to be decorated in the most attractive way. Nothing can be as effective as the designer wall panels to provide a perfect look to any living room. Some of the most amazing options can be available at CSI Wall Panels to make the living room of the house look attractive and also complimenting with the other rooms.