Renovate Your Existing Setting with 3d Wall PanelsNo matter if you are renovating your existing setting or starting one from scratches, you would like to make the place unique and attractive. Whether it is your home or office, those are visited by the guests and customers, and an interior with blank walls will appear to be dull and monotonous to them. While you can paint the walls, hang paintings, art pieces or mirrors for embellishing the interior, the best way to do this is using 3d wall panels

Whether it is a commercial or residential indoor, the present trend involves amplifying the place with unique decorative elements for making it aesthetically pleasing. Being made of a wide variety of materials, 3D wall panels can revamp a space with vibrant colors and beautiful designs. There are times when it becomes tough to enhance the look of home and offices and at the same time impart a spacious feeling. With their varied look and amazing textures, the 3D wall panels have relieved the interior designers from this dilemma. 

While the ever-changing decoration regimen baffles you about what to use and what to avoid, the 3D wall panels remove all confusion and let you add a nice aura to the interior. Here is why these are the hot favorite to interior designers.

3d Wall Panels Have Excellent Strength & Durability

Because of their long life, 3D panels are favored by the interior designers. These are also strong and can with stand stress of climatic change. Once installed on the walls, these stay there for long without any discoloration or fading even if exposed to sunlight continuously. 

3d Wall Panels Require Minimum Maintenance

Once installed, the 3D wall panels do not require much maintenance effort. You can dust these with cloth and clean with soap water for keeping their shine for long.

You Can Choose From Many Varieties

3D wall panel lets you have a plethora of options for various applications.

  • Bamboo Wall Paneling: Nice for bringing in natural vibe in the interiors. This can also be painted for enhancing the appearance.
  • Acrylic Shower Walls Panels: Coming in larger sizes, these allow grout free installation which is essential for wet areas. These architectural resin panels are inert to water and ideal for use in showers.
  • Decorative Plastic Panels: Manufactured from cast plastic, this is great for large areas in commercial installations.
  • Manufactured Stone Panels: Made from stone veneer these are the best for delivering the rustic look and can be used for both residential and commercial applications. These are very good kitchen wall covering options.
  • Glass Wall Panels: Toughened glass is used in manufacturing these wall panels. Available in distinct patterns and designs they can be used for corporate space and showers as well.
  • Faux Brick Wall Panels: Manufactured from brick veneer these are ideal for home and office indoors. You can also clad existing pillars with it for enhancing the look.
  • Fabric Wall Panels: These are a special type of panels that renders a soft feeling to touch. Mostly used in restaurants & night clubs.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: These are very popular for residential indoors. These are quite strong but moist walls are to be avoided.
  • Leather Wall Panels: With their unique design and texture, these can deliver a regal ambiance to any interior.
  • MDF Wall Panels: Manufactured from medium density fiber boards, these are very good paneling option. Can be painted for a glam effect.
  • Wood Wall Panels: Delivers traditional look to home or office interiors. These are great for wainscoting applications.
  • Metal Wall Panels: This is the most expensive option. These are very strong and durable and mostly used for commercial interiors.

Brings in Special Vibe

Whether you use these contemporary wall panels for your home or office interiors, these introduce a special vibe in the space. Being available in many varieties you can add depth and character to the indoor.

3d Wall Panels Impress Everyone

The decoration of home or office is done with a view to creating an everlasting impression on everyone who visits your home or office. With their sophisticated look, the 3D wall panels can create a magical ambiance for charming and impress everyone.

Excellent Option to Hide Wall Flaws

Maybe your residential or commercial space is quite old, and the walls have cracks, holes and other blemishes and repairing of the walls are out of the question due to high cost. In such cases, the 3D wall panels can deliver a dual advantage. Other than decorating the walls, the wall falls are also masked. As the designers can avail this win-win situation, the 3D wall panels have become a hot favorite to them. 

These Can Be Transported Easily

Although strong and sturdy, the 3D wall panels are light in weight. In view of this lightweight feature, the panels can be transported easily.

Installation Is Also Easy

Being a light in weight, and coming in modular forms with definite shapes, the interior wall paneling can be installed without any fuss. It is not necessary to call professionals. DIY installation is also possible. Some types are also available with free installation offer.

3d Wall Panels Can Damp Noise

3D wall panels have noise damping properties. However, if you want to make the board meeting room or conference hall sound proof, that can be done by combining acoustic insulation material with the wall panels. Such customized wall panels will be sound proof.

3d Wall Panels Are Fire Safe

3D wall panels have sufficient thermal insulation. Even, if there is accidental fire break out, these can withstand the heat for some time giving you ample scope to take actions for preventing the spread of fire.

3d Wall Panels Result in No Health Hazard

The 3D wall panels have excellent smooth surface and can be cleaned easily and, therefore, chances of accumulation of germs is not there, and you are free from health woes.

3d Wall Panels Save Time

These wall panels can be installed in a reasonably short time. One can do a DIY installation on the weekend saving time and money.