3D Wall Panels for HomeHome decor style is constantly changing with time. In earlier days people used to decorate rooms by painting the walls, adding furniture, hanging mirrors and pieces of arts on the wall. Although these had limitations, people of the old days were happy with that because they could not think of the walls as something beyond confining the space. There is a radical change in concept now, and the walls are considered as a large canvas that have the power of making a home live and attractive to the guests and visitors. Among different ways of revamping the walls, paneling walls became the most prominent and with the advent of textured 3D wall panels, home decor has reached the pinnacle of interior decoration.

But What Are 3d Wall Panels?

3D wall panels are a revolutionary decorative element. It is the best source to make your home walls live and attractive. These are geometrically shaped boards and tiles, made from different semi-rigid and rigid substances. There are many types, each having a unique color, pattern, and texture for imparting an exotic appearance to your home. 3D wall panels are the greatest source of interior decoration and also fulfill many functional requirements, other than simply covering the walls.

Why Style with 3d Wall Panels?

Decorating the home is all about transforming dreams into reality. Large numbers of 3D wall panels are available. With the attractive designs of the 3D wall panels, embellishing a wall becomes absolutely easy. Paneling walls shows your taste and also depicts your lifestyle. Adorning walls with 3d Wall panel brings in unmatched style and guarantees protection.

3d Wall Panel Spectrum

World of 3D wall panels is vast. With improvement in home decor themes, and growing demands, many types of 3D wall panels are now used for home decoration. These are named based on the material from which they are manufactured.

  • Acrylic 3D Wall Panel: Available in many colors, designs and patterns, this delivers a contemporary look. It is a real cost-effective option.
  • Bamboo 3D Wall Panel: This is a cheap, but green wall paneling option. These are very light and their installation is also easy.
  • Brick 3D Wall Panel: This gives a raw and rugged look to the exterior. Can also be used for interiors.
  • Glass 3D Wall Panel: This is manufactured from highly strong tempered glass. It is the best solution for homes with kids running around and high wet areas.
  • Gypsum 3D Wall Panel: This is quite strong. Major advantage of these panels is that they can be transformed into different shapes and textures.
  • Leather 3D Wall Panel: This modern panel can deliver a rich and luxurious vibe to your home. It is very strong and sturdy.
  • MDF 3D Wall Panel: This cost effective wall panel is manufactured by binding medium density fiber board with acrylic resin. This can also be painted or veneered for improving aesthetics.
  • Metal 3D Wall Panel: Manufactured from metals like aluminum, copper, zinc, steel etc., this is a very strong but costly option.
  • PVC 3D wall panel: This is a trendy paneling option that works great on walls with possibility of high moisture ingress. Although light in weight, it can withstand high stress.
  • Stone 3D Wall Panel: Manufactured from natural stone, this offers very good protection and can be used for both indoor and outdoor wall paneling.
  • Wooden 3D Wall Panel: This is a traditional affordable option and can impart a nice log cabin look to your home.


Revamping Different Places

Different rooms have different decor needs and, therefore, to be paneled with different types. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Bedroom: It is the place of relaxation and better to use bamboo, MDF, gypsum or wood panels.
  • Living Room: This is where your guests will come first. You can use acrylic panel here. If you want to add some luxurious vibe, then use leather panels.
  • Kitchen: You can use anything, provided it is water resistant and lifts up the mood because good cooking needs good mood. Stone panels can be a great option.
  • Shower: As it is a high wet area, glass and stone panel serve the best.
  • Outdoor Walls: Use stone or brick panel for ensuring protection while revamping. Metal panels can also be used if budget permits.


Where Else You Can Use These

Aside from revamping walls of different places, 3D wall tiles can be used for making the ceiling beautiful. These can also be used for creating a focal point in the room.

3d Wall Panels Can Remove Awful Wall Flaws

Old walls are great handicaps for rejuvenating the home. There could be many blemishes like cracks, holes etc. Constructing a new wall is not feasible for most of the home makeover situations. In such cases, paneling walls is the best option to remove the ugly looks by concealing the damages with panels.

These Are Fire Safe

The 3D wall panels have unique property to withstand fire for a substantial period, and also help prevent spread of fire. Some of the wall panels also have self-extinguishing properties. Thus, the residents have ample time for extinguishing fire.

These Are Easy to Install

As 3D wall panels are available as boards or tiles in definite geometric shapes and are relatively light in weight, these are very easy to install. Removal of these is also absolutely simple. These do not require large tools & tackles, or team of experts for installation.  If you cannot do it yourself, any local contractor can do this.

Maintenance Is Also Easy

No special solution is required to clean the 3D wall panels. Cleaning with a soft wet cloth is sufficient. Once installed, these do not require any special maintenance.

Choosing the Right Panel

For choosing the most suitable panel, one should consider size of the room, aesthetics and of course, the cost involvement.

Final Words

CSI offers professional help in all stages from selection to installation. Better take their help for making your home gorgeous.