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Keep your people looking up. Ceilings are the perfect canvas to broadcast and enhance the character of your space. Whether you need noise control, or stylish and impressive suspended features, we know what’s up.

  • Powerful sound dampening in many products
  • Extremely customizable, made to order
  • Custom suspension hardware configurations to make it work
  • Wide variety of products, colors and applications

The physical environment of your hospitality space plays a vital role in ensuring that your guests and customers have a good experience. In a well-designed hospitality space, your guests enjoy your services better, the quality of the ambiance improves and you have happy and returning customers. But, you need to create a luxurious, highly inviting environment for your guests. Whether you’re looking to create a highly appealing, lively space with a fresh vibe or want to create a space with a calm, laid back feel, we have just the perfect ceiling solutions for hospitality spaces.

Whether you’re a small café or a large chain, luxury restaurant or a hotel, a high-end bar or a traditional food joint, we have ceiling solutions which will fit all budgets and requirements. From immersing your guests into total luxury to ensuring a clean, durable food preparation area, we have ceiling solutions which ensure that your guests are relaxed and comfortable.

Ceiling solutions which have the ability to deliver high acoustical performance and at the same time bring a modern, refined look and feel to the setting, we have ceiling solutions including tiles, panels and planks which will work beautifully in any space and impress everyone with ease. From plain ceiling to brushed ceilings, wood look ceilings to metal look ceilings, baffles to clouds to linear visuals, we have a range of ceiling solutions which are durable yet stylish to cope with the intensive use throughout their life.

Whether your guests are there for a couple of minutes or a couple of days or weeks, you need to ensure the perfect ambiance is created and a beautifully architectural interest is served up. Specially crafted to minimize maintenance and maximize customer satisfaction, these ceiling solutions for hotels will ensure that you have a space which looks best and performs best.