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Keep your people looking up. Ceilings are the perfect canvas to broadcast and enhance the character of your space. Whether you need noise control, or stylish and impressive suspended features, we know what’s up.

  • Powerful sound dampening in many products
  • Extremely customizable, made to order
  • Custom suspension hardware configurations to make it work
  • Wide variety of products, colors and applications

The interiors, from walls to ceilings, play an important role in any commercial space but they are extremely crucial when it comes to learning environments. From schools to universities, colleges to nurseries, it is essential that we create an environment whish fosters creativity and productivity. And if you’re looking for perfect ceiling options for your educational facility, then have a look at our selection of ceiling options for learning facilities. Specially designed to work in high traffic, high noise areas and provide clean, fresh and inventive aesthetics, we have ceiling products for educational facilities which work delightfully in the setting.

Whether there are certain performance criteria for your buildings which you have to follow or you just need to do a makeover of your existing space, we have ceiling solutions which will adhere to all your requirements. Ceiling solutions which have the ability to deliver high acoustical performance and at the same time bring a cutting-edge look and feel to the setting, we have ceiling solutions including tiles, panels and planks which will work beautifully in the space and in your budget.

From plain ceiling to brushed ceilings, wood look ceilings to metal look ceilings, baffles to clouds to linear visuals, we have a range of ceiling solutions which are durable yet stylish to cope with the intensive use throughout their life. Whether you have a small nursery or a large college or university project, we have ceiling solutions with incredible performance for every space. And if you have special requirements, then do get in touch with us. Our team will understand your needs and help you with custom ceiling solutions according to your requirements.

Featuring high sound absorption ratings, low costs, absolutely stylish and graceful look and feel, we will help you with ceiling solutions which will give you best possible value and reduced whole life maintenance costs.