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Patterned - Living RoomID# PALR001


Patterned - Living RoomID# PALR001

Patterned Living Wall
Patterned - Living Room #PALR001
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Most people hesitate when it comes to using patterns in their home décor. They prefer using solids, which remain neutral and which blend in most of the décor style. Many business owners too shy away from patterns as they feel that they are too bold and do not look exactly ͚formal͛. Maybe they are right. But, how else would you inject some personality in your space? How else do you inspire confidence and go bold? How else do you make your space special? If you͛re looking to break the usual monotonous approach and want to adopt bold patterns in the setting, then we have something for you – our selection of patterned living room tiles. Fixtures which will add warm style and character to your living rooms, these patterned tiles will give a personality boost to the setting till tiles to come.

Modular Designs

Modular Designs

Flexible, modular designs offering an unlimited range of panel sizes, materials, finishes, patterns, colors and moldings.
Durable Designs


Resistant to chemicals, stains, water, fire retardant, abrasion and more.
Functional Designs


Optional tackable surfaces, chalkboards, whiteboards and magnetic solutions.
Sustainable Designs


Does not pollute the environment and are non-toxic.
Renewable Designs


Utilizes components made from recycled raw materials.
Certified Designs


Certified designs according to FSC®, LEED®, Greenguard and more.
Suitable For New Construction Or Reno


Perfect for any surface including CMU cinder block, finished drywall, tile, wall coverings, plaster, and other dated surfaces.
No Demolition Required

No Demolition Required

Avoid debris, dust, and other contaminants. Save time and money on demolition and disposal.
Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Save on labor costs with fast, straightforward installation.

Neutral accents or solid ones can sometimes look too bland and simple for a setting. And this is where patterned living room tiles can transform the space. Adding a little spark and energy, there is something about these decorative tiles, a certain vibe which will light up your living rooms. Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes, patterns and finishes, we have living room tiles which will enhance any setting without any hassle.

An easy way to spring life to a living room, these designer tiles are perfect to use in contemporary or modern or even traditional décor style. They are ideal for installation in a range of residential and commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, airports, theatres, educational spaces and others, and will spice up the setting.

Crafted using our premium materials and advanced digital printing technology, we have patterned tiles which don͛t shout too loudly and will modernize your ho-hum space. They are easy to install, clean and maintain and will make your space look and feel special without spending too much.

Tiles which will change the look and feel of the room, we have a wide range of patterned living room tiles which will showcase the lively side of the setting. A great way to add drama and an eclectic touch to the setting, these tiles are all that an impressive living room needs. So, go ahead and bring that trendy, chic look to your living room. It will be the most striking ͚showpiece͛ of the setting.

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