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Sport Club Dining Area

PRX - 204
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World Headquarters Building Lobby PRX - 100

A powerful statement in monochrome. This stately and impressive atmosphere is brought to you by a suite of panels using three-dimensional depth and natural light to cut a handsome figure you can see and feel.

Upscale Restaurant Dining Area PRX - 103

As much flavor and personality as your menu. These customized, multi-material panels bring their A-game to deliver a rich, cohesive palette of colors and textures that excites.

Hospital Waiting Area PRX - 101

Foster an atmosphere of calm with a continuous, flowing installment. Bring a human touch to the places where people need it most, with clean colors and soft textures that express peace and compassion.

Master Bedroom PRX - 105

We strive to create the perfect expression for each space we design for. Drive home the clean and bright experience of an upscale hotel room with a headboard feature tailor-made to fit the ideals of your environment.

Urban Bedroom PRX - 104

Understated elegance and comfort made possible through our Five Senses collection, bringing a whole new identity to mundane spaces with a single brilliant system.

Design Studio Reception Area PRX - 102

Redefine "Corporate" with panels that demonstrate real depth and character, interacting with natural light to create a dynamic feature with undeniable presence.

Sport Club Dining Area PRX - 204

Design something fresh and innervate the world around you. We’ve got the components and colors you need to design a crisp and clean eatery where bright minds come to recharge.

Restaurant Private Dining Area PRX - 106

Elevate your status with a classic and stately look, brought to you in an exceptionally easy wall panel system that delivers the richness of texture of leather in a simple, self-contained panel system.

Public Hotel Hallway PRX - 107

Whether you're looking for a wood paneled look that natural, reclaimed, distressed, stained, bleached, or painted, we've got you covered. With over 150 finishes, we've got the exact trendy look you've been chasing.

Engineers Group Working Station Area PRX - 108

A contemporary look that matches pace with the speed and agility of your company. Our modern wood paneled expressions and furniture treatments help transform your corporate office into a constant inspiration.

Upscale City Hotel Room PRX - 109

In hospitality, it's crucial that each room honors the guest with a carefully curated aesthetic that communicates comfort, cleanliness and quality.

Casino Hotel Restaurant PRX - 110

With a wide variety of materials and foils, we can achieve a unique style this fits your every specification. Whether you love the charm of warm wood, or the industrial-chic appeal of brushed steel, we can make it happen.

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