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CSI Wall Panel believes in creating products that are not only beautiful. In fact, all our acoustic felt panels, apart from looking stunning, are also highly durable and safe to use. They are all compliant with safety codes and are environmentally responsible. Our Soundcore® range of felt sound panels and commercial acoustic wall panels are ideal for any space and all sorts of requirements.

Whether your designs are for the healthcare industry or the education sector. Whether it is for a commercial space or a corporate one. Whether you are planning to deck up a restaurant or create cubicles out of thin air in an office. We are sure to have the right product for you. If not, we are happy to customize any of our products as per your specifications.

Our Soundcore® technology that permeates our popular product ranges is what makes our felt acoustic panels such an effective product. Read on to find out exactly what sort of acoustic wall panels you can use for your designs. 

What Makes Our Soundcore® Acoustic Felt The Best Out There

Our Soundcore® technology makes use of acoustic felt to create high-class, noise-dampening architectural components. It is made of recycled PET acoustic felt, making it one of the few environment-friendly acoustic wall panels out there. All Soundcore® products offer powerful acoustical performance by absorbing sounds and transmission.

It is highly resistant to impacts and shocks, making it that much more durable. It is also fade-resistant, apart from being non-hygroscopic. It will not decay with time or change color. What else can we ask for? Soundcore® products are 100% recyclable, non-toxic as well as non-allergenic. They are also completely free from VOC including formaldehyde. It also has a tackable surface with superior holding properties.

Soundcore® is also compliant with building fire codes and has a Class A rating per ASTM E84. And if you are worried about its maintenance, fret no more, It is very easy to clean our Soundcore® acoustic felt panels. Light dusting or a once-over with a vacuum cleaner is all you need. With hundreds of designs and colors to choose from, along with the promise of intense customization, Soundcore® is a clear winner.

Here’s A Look At Our Diverse Range Of Acoustic Felt Sound Panels

CSI Creative is an industry leader when it comes to acoustic felt sound panels. Whether you want to create privacy screens or room dividers, whether you want to influence the aesthetics of a room or the acoustics, whether you are looking for wheeled options or ceiling-mounted ones we are sure to have something to suit you.

Opt for our Soundcore® acoustic wool panels that prevent echoes and offer superior sound dampening properties. They are ideal for all environments including classrooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, and movie theaters. Or you can go for the Soundcore® Slab large acoustic panels that are designed as a full wall coverage system. These soundproof wall panels are ideal for when you want a working combination of stunning and effective.

If you are looking to display your brand or design a space that requires wall imagery, opt for our Soundcore® Mural custom printed acoustic felt panels. Now you can get your favorite image printed right onto the wall coverings. High quality and one-of-a-kind, for sure. For offices with open workspaces, our Soundcore® Deskmate privacy desk dividers are just the thing. Enjoy visual separation as well as sound reduction with them. Another popular product is the Soundcore® Byobu lightweight folding acoustic partition. Easy as pie to create new noise-controlled spaces with these.

How Can We Help You Realize Your Design Dreams

CSI Creative believes in designing and creating for your unique project. If despite our huge range of acoustic felt panels, you are unable to find anything to suit your requirements, we can step in to customize it for you.

With our innovative manufacturing capabilities, passionate team, and stellar products, CSI Creative is the answer to all your paneling needs.

Time and again we have said that our experience is worth your trust and confidence. Go ahead and schedule a meeting with us to discuss your acoustic felt sound panels needs.