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CSI Creative brings to you one of our most popular product ranges, the PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt surfaces. These surfaces are part of our ceiling installation systems, which are designed based on specific on-site conditions.

Highly versatile as well as effective, these felt surfaces are not only easy to install but are also a budget solution. In addition, these surface installation systems respect and work with the existing design, maintaining its integrity. They are ideal for a lot of spaces, starting from restaurants to bars, exhibition centers to shopping malls, hospitals to hotels, individual shops to office cubicles, meetings rooms to recording studios, and much more.

If you are looking for acoustic wool surfaces that not only beautify a space but also ensure that the sound environment of a room remains comfortable, then these are the right products for you. Read on to find out if we have exactly what you need. If not, we can always tailor-fit something to suit your specific requirements.

Opting For Our Acoustic Felt Surfaces Is In The Best Interest Of Your Space

Our PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt surfaces are perfect for ensuring a hushed environment. It is created from 100% natural and renewable wool that is sourced cruelty-free. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it safe for use in almost all sorts of spaces. In addition, since it is anti-microbial and non-hygroscopic, you need not worry about these acoustic felt surfaces rotting or changing colors. Environment-friendly is what we always aim for, and that is exactly what this product delivers.

Our acoustic felt surfaces are also impact-resistant and shock absorbing, making them highly durable. They are easy to clean as well. Simple And let’s not forget that they are 100% compliant with fire safety laws with a Class A rating per ASTM E84. These are also free from VOCs such as formaldehyde, so you need not worry about using them in places where kids and pets are.

There are plenty of installation systems that you can opt for when you choose our acoustic felt surfaces for your walls. You can opt for a snap mount system, a construction adhesive system, a peel and stick system, or a Z-clip system. Each has its own benefits, and we can customize these acoustic felt surfaces installation systems further as per your specific needs.

Check Out Our Entire Range Of Acoustic Felt Surfaces

Our range of acoustic felt surfaces includes options such as blade surfaces, folded surfaces, profile surfaces, profile plus surfaces, plug surfaces, folded plug surfaces, textured surfaces, covering surfaces, stacked surfaces, line surfaces, cork surfaces, and overlap surfaces, line surfaces, and carved surfaces.

These acoustic panels are further available in different versions, based on what sort of carvings or grooves you require on the surface. In addition, there are plenty of colors and finishes to add that extra something to your space. You can even get a combination of different surfaces for creating a unique look. The choice is yours.

These PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt surfaces are also available in combination with our Soundcore® Recycled PET Acoustic Felt. Or you can get it customized with our Soundcore® Plus Recycled PET Acoustic Felt for getting the best and most effective acoustically sound space possible.

Talk To Us - Let Us Customize Our Products As Per Your Requirements

CSI Creative is your one-stop solution for all your wall and ceiling paneling requirements. We have a huge library of varied products, ideal for all your acoustical as well as beautification needs.

Our expert team of professionals has reviewed thousands of designs and projects in order to create these extraordinary paneling products. Despite that, if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, we can customize a product for you. From size to fit, from color to pattern, from design to finish, from the installation process to raw materials used, we can customize it all.

All you need to do is set up a meeting with us. Share your ideas and requirements, and we will come up with the perfect acoustic felt surfaces for your space.