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CSI Creative is one of your most trusted solutions for all your paneling needs, be it acoustical ceiling grids, wall or ceiling panels, acoustical ceiling tile systems, or room dividers. One of our most popular product ranges is the PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt grid. These acoustic ceiling tile grids can create an amazing acoustical environment that ensures comfortable sound transmission.

This revolutionary acoustic ceiling grid system is ideal for plenty of settings and environments such as educational institutions, corporate sector, commercial establishments, hospitality sector, shopping malls, movie theaters, and even recording studios. Thanks to its many benefits, they even are ideal for use in spaces where pets and kids abound.

Read on to find out all about the sort of products that you will find as part of our PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt grid collection. Choose what suits your space best. If you are unable to find the right fit for your vision, remember these products are highly customizable.

Why Does Our Acoustical Ceiling Grid Stand Out From The Competition

Our acoustical ceiling grids and systems stand out from the crowd for many reasons. The biggest of them all is the use of our groundbreaking PoshFelt® 100% natural wool felt. It is your best bet for creating an effective acoustically comfortable room. The use of natural and renewable wool ensures that it is completely environment-friendly and recyclable. 

In addition, the PoshFelt® range is also completely non-toxic, non-hygroscopic, anti-microbial, and non-allergenic, making it absolutely safe for use in a lot of environments. Add to that the fact that it is completely free from VOC such as formaldehyde, and you have a winner on your hands. It is also impact-resistant, and shock absorbent making it highly durable. Rest assured, it will not rot, fade or change color as and when time passes. With the colors and designs being as vibrant as the day you first got them installed, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference even years later.

Our PoshFelt® range of acoustic ceiling grid systems is also compliant with various building fire codes, with a Class A rating per ASTM E84. These acoustic ceiling tile grids are also super easy to clean. Gentle dusting or a once-over with a vacuum is all it needs. There are plenty of colors, finishes, and patterns to choose from. And what you cannot find, we will be happy to make for you.

Here’s A Look At Our Range Of Acoustical Ceiling Grids And More

Our range of acoustical ceiling grids comes in various forms and designs, including folded grids, blade grids, plug grids, folded plug grids, tile grids, section grids, waffle grids, and notched grids. Again these grids are available in myriad patterns and work well in a varied range of combinations.

With hundreds of colors, patterns, finishes, installation types, and designs available, you can opt for what works better for you. You can go for a single installation or even continuous flowing decor. The choice is yours.

As far as installing acoustical ceiling grids is concerned, we can create and change designs and patterns even on the site. These grids are modular and easy to install, thereby making a quick job of something that would otherwise take days.

How Can We Help You Realize Your Decor Dreams

At CSI Creative, we believe in creating unique products to match the specific requirements of our customers. We have worked on thousands of designs and processes in order to get a better handle on what the industry demands are at any given time. This knowledge and passion are what let us create customized products for you.

In addition, we also manage your own manufacturing and processing capabilities, so it becomes easier for us to tailor it as per a varied range of specifications. Be it a size issue or an acoustic issue, a fit, color, pattern, or finish issue, we can help you find a solution.

All you need to do is talk to us. Share your vision with us today, and we can help you create the exact acoustical ceiling grid you are going for. Go ahead and schedule a meeting with us today.