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CSI Creative are renowned for creating effective ceiling installation systems. Our PoshFelt® 100% wool felt acoustic ceiling clouds are the perfect example of such a collection. These felt acoustic clouds are not only easy to install but are also highly budget-friendly.

These ceiling installation systems can easily be designed according to the site conditions while respecting the integrity of individual designs. In addition, these sound clouds ceilings are extremely versatile, thereby being perfect for installation in almost all sorts of spaces. Be it hospitals or hotels, educational institutions or shopping malls, individual stores or exhibitions spaces, huge meeting rooms, or small offices, these felt acoustic ceiling clouds can be the perfect answer to all your acoustical as well as beautification problems.

Read on to find out all about the types of acoustical ceiling clouds that CSI Creative offer, and why they are the best option for your space.

Why Opt for Acoustic Ceiling Clouds by CSI Creative For Your Space

Our PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt clouds are some of our most popular products. That is because not only are these clouds effective in canceling out unwanted noise but are also perfect for creating a stunning look for your ceilings. PoshFelt® is a groundbreaking product because it offers powerful sound damping characteristics, and is ideal for creating a sort of hushed silence that is instantly noticeable upon walking into the room.

PoshFelt® is also resistant to impact and abrasions, apart from being non-hygroscopic. This means that its durability is neve in question. Not only is it fade-proof, but it also won’t change color or rot away no matter the environment. The natural and renewable wool used for creating PoshFelt® is sourced cruelty-free and is completely recyclable. In addition, it is also compliant with various fire safety laws, ensuring that it is safe to be used in a wide range of settings.

There are plenty of installation systems that we can go for such as Cables, Channels, Magnet, Direct, Unistrut, and ACT Grid. With more than a hundred colors available, the choices are endless. Needless to say, we can also customize the thickness, designs, colors, and installation systems for you at the drop of a hat. In fact, these felt acoustic ceiling clouds can also be fabricated using our revolutionary Soundcore® and Soundcore® Plus recycled PET acoustic felt as well.

What Sort Of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds Do We Have For You

Our range of felt acoustic clouds comprises a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, you can choose from options such as waffle slanted clouds, profile clouds, waffle clouds, connect clouds, waffle folded clouds, profile plus clouds, blade clouds, notched clouds, profile framed clouds, faceted clouds, stacked clouds, and more.

These are available in custom patterns and profiles. There are also plenty of different acoustic textures that you can choose from such as metal, stone, and wood. You can also opt for the powder coat finish in any color under the sun.

In addition, we also have our Infinity range of textures, wherein you can get the design of your choosing that is also the perfect acoustical solution. This is the ideal solution for those who are looking to display their branding or signage but do not wish to compromise on the acoustical environment of the space.

CSI Creative Is Always Ready to Tailor Products Specifically For Your Needs

While we pride ourselves on our huge repertoire of great products that are as varied as your needs, we have no qualms in admitting that even our collection might not have what you are looking for. There is a solution though!

Since we control our own manufacturing and processing capabilities, it becomes easy for us to tweak our systems to make what you need. We can customize our products, nearly from top to bottom, in order to create the specific sort of acoustic ceiling clouds, whether for creating a comfortable acoustical environment or for improving the looks of the space.

All you need to do is talk to us. Tell us of your requirements, and our expert team of passionate professionals will be sure to create something that matches your vision.