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Designing and decorating a space but unsure of its acoustical performance? We offer plenty of solutions to your noise and transmission problems, but our PoshFelt® felt wall panels are a class above the rest.

These are ideal for a lot of scenarios and spaces. Whether you need to create room dividers or privacy screens. Whether an impromptu cubicle needs to be created or ceiling-mounted wall panels are the need of the hour, we are sure to have the right thing for you.

With powerful acoustical properties and the innovation of CSI Creative behind it, PoshFelt® is the answer to all your acoustical issues. Read on to find out why it is one of the leading products in the market. And find out exactly which product is ideal for your space.

What Makes Our PoshFelt® Acoustical Felt An Industry Leader

What makes PoshFelt® different from similar products is the use of 100% wool acoustic felt. Products that use synthetic material often feel hard and hollow, whereas PoshFelt® is one of the softest felted surfaces that you will feel. This premiere tactical experience is what makes PoshFelt® such a star. And of course, its superior sound absorption properties have to be experienced to be believed. It is true. When you walk into a room with PoshFelt®, you will be able to feel the acoustical superiority of the room.

PoshFelt® is impact resistant as well as shock resistant. It is completely recyclable and antimicrobial. We also ensure to use only cruelty-free methods for sourcing our wool. PoshFelt® is also non-hygroscopic and non-deteriorating, giving new meaning to longevity and durability. It is easy to clean. You need only dust it lightly or hoover it quickly. No need to spend hours scrubbing at it. It is also compliant with building fire codes with a class A rating per ASTM E84.

You can choose a single feature installment or go for floor to ceiling and wall to wall coverage. Pick from a plethora of colors, all of which come with a promise of being fade-resistant.

What Are Your Options When It Comes to PoshFelt® Acoustical Felt Wall Panels

Under our range comes some of our most popular products. Check out our range of PoshFelt® Green Idea biophilic acoustic felt walls & ceilings. If it's nature you want to invite to your space, PoshFelt® is perfect. The PoshFelt® Skybreak acoustic ceiling clouds are one-of-a-kind. Suspended compositions that can reduce noise easily and look good while doing so.

You can also pick from our PoshFelt® Terrace dimensional depth acoustic panels. These are perfect for outdoor installation. Their raised surface and designs create mind-bending shadows when the changing sunlight falls on them throughout the day. These can be a statement wall on a covered terrace or be the perfect wall coverings for outdoor installations. You can also try your hands at our PoshFelt® Contrast custom printed acoustic panels. Now your designs, logos, brand imagery, and favorite images can grace your walls without a hassle.

Or choose from our PoshFelt® Alexandria acoustic mosaic wall panel. If it's a visual aesthetic that you are hankering after, this collection is sure to meet all your demands. Plenty of colors, designs, and surfaces are available. Needless to say, even these are highly customizable.

Let Us Create A Unique Product For Your Design

Our passionate team has reviewed over a thousand architectural drawings and explored more than 5000 product designs in order to create masterpieces such as PoshFelt®. We, at CSI Creative, believe in creating customized one-of-a-kind wall and ceiling panels for our customers.

Even if our huge library of products and designs fails to match your specifications, we can always customize the final solution. We work within your budget. Rather, we work with your budget. Our processing and manufacturing technologies are not just best-in-class. In fact, they are specially crafted to create environment-friendly products. Exactly what the world needs right now.

Call us today and schedule a meeting. Share your visions with us and we will make sure to get every detail right to create your interior decor design.