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Metal - Living Room




First, let’s get the usual clichés about metal out of the way. Cold. Too Industrial. Bland. There are more on these lines, but for now let’s forget about them and focus on the latest avatar of metal. Especially metallic tiles. Gone are the days of metal being subject to only heavy-duty, industrial spaces, now we have metal tiles which have beautiful artistic beauty and glamour. And if you’re looking to explore the inviting, homey and interesting side of metal for your living room, then have a look at our selection of metal-effect tiles. Offering warmer tones and loads of drama, these metal-look living room tiles are extremely striking and have become big favorites in home as well as commercial spaces.

Aesthetically versatile with flexible form factor, metal tiles have become really popular due to their beautiful texture and bling. They can be molded to give you rustic, industrial, traditional or modern form depending on your design style and preference. Available in a range of styles, sizes, hues, tones, finishes and patterns, we have a wide array of metal tiles which will bring sparkle and a sophisticated style to your residential or commercial walls and floors without any hassle.

Highly welcoming, these decorative tiles for living rooms have a soft, organic texture which will add the perfect shine and shimmer to the setting. Perfect for installation in a range of residential and commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, airports, theatres, educational spaces and others, our designer living room tiles will help you craft an exciting space which will bring a modern vibe to the setting.

Our metal-look tiles are created using premium quality materials and our advanced digital printing technology ensuring a cool, smooth finish and a unique product. These accents are easy to install, clean and maintain and will give your space a special sense of place without splurging.

Today’s metal-effect living room tiles are available in a range of soft tones and smooth finishes which will add a touch of luxuriousness and visually-pleasing openness to the setting. From tranquil, calming hues to warm shimmery tones, we have metal tiles which will create a sense of cool and industrial chic in the setting without being too loud. From silver to gold, bronze to copper, metal look has an irresistible opulence which will brighten up any setting with ease.