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Concrete - OutdoorID# COOU001


Concrete - OutdoorID# COOU001

Outdoor Concrete
Concrete - Outdoor #COOU001
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Once dismissed as an eye-sore and just for durability and high strength material, concrete and concrete-accents have made a stunning comeback in the design world. And this time they are back with a bang in ͚a visually-pleasing, high impact aesthetically͛ kind of a way. From floor to walls, concrete is everywhere. And if you͛re looking to bring their rugged, raw vibe in the form of tiles, then our collection of concrete-effect outdoor tiles will completely mesmerize you. Accents which will work well with home and commercial styles from traditional to modern, these concrete-effect outdoor tiles will look industrial yet absolutely elegant in the setting.

Modular Designs

Modular Designs

Flexible, modular designs offering an unlimited range of panel sizes, materials, finishes, patterns, colors and moldings.
Durable Designs


Resistant to chemicals, stains, water, fire retardant, abrasion and more.
Functional Designs


Optional tackable surfaces, chalkboards, whiteboards and magnetic solutions.
Sustainable Designs


Does not pollute the environment and are non-toxic.
Renewable Designs


Utilizes components made from recycled raw materials.
Certified Designs


Certified designs according to FSC®, LEED®, Greenguard and more.
Suitable For New Construction Or Reno


Perfect for any surface including CMU cinder block, finished drywall, tile, wall coverings, plaster, and other dated surfaces.
No Demolition Required

No Demolition Required

Avoid debris, dust, and other contaminants. Save time and money on demolition and disposal.
Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Save on labor costs with fast, straightforward installation.

If you͛re looking to bring an elegant feel on your wall or want to construct a floor full of warmth and refined finish, then these concrete-look tiles for outdoor spaces are all you need. Available in a range of colors, polish, style, sizes, patterns and finishes, we have some of the most delightful concrete-effect outdoor tiles which will be an eye-catching presence in your patio, garden, outdoor seating area, backyard etc.

Slick, strong and striking, if you love giving surfaces a natural look, then these concrete decorative tiles are perfect for your outdoor space. Ideal for use in residential spaces as well as commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, airports, theatres, educational spaces and others, our designer tiles will bring a vibe and create a finish which is extremely unique. They are highly customizable and can be given any look, polish, style and color according to your preferences. Just let us know, and our team will craft a special custom tile package just for you.

Want to bring a rustic appeal in your outdoor space? These concrete tiles are the answer. Created using our advanced printing technology and premium materials, our outdoor tiles will bring a lovely effect to the setting. They are easy to install, clean and maintain and will bring a nice, earthy tone to the space without high expense.

A-once-humble concrete has now become one of the most popular tile ranges in design world and amongst home and business owners. Our range of concrete-look outdoor tiles has been beautifully molded to give you an irresistible architectural feature which will be hard to ignore. An easy way to introduce an industrial flair to the setting, these outdoor tiles will bring a cozy, comfy feel in the space without any hassles.

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