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Soft, luxurious and generously thick felt like no other. We chose wool for its legendary reputation as a sustainable, durable and vibrant material. Our felt speaks softly but carries a powerful message; one that is rich, elegant, and innately human.

  • Powerful sound dampening for a mindful atmosphere.
  • Extremely customizable, made to order.
  • Vivid colors that don’t fade.
  • Time-honored material with a rich history of performance.
  • Wide variety of products, colors and applications.
  • Markets include corporate, commercial, hospitality, education, healthcare.

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Exhibitions or workshops can be a tough to function. There can be chaos and multiple sounds and groups mixing in. And if you’re looking to make your space a little saner, to create a stylish exhibition or store display, to bring in some privacy or divide the room in style, then we have something for you – our collection of felt applications for exhibitions. From felt hanging panels to room dividers, wall screens to felt blocks, we have a wide range of solutions for exhibitions which are light and easy to use and can be transported without any hassles.

A great way to bring acoustical elements in your space which can be disassembled and reassembled easily, these felt applications serve a lot of functions. Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes, patterns and finishes, our exhibition felt solutions are basic yet extremely smart applications and will give you a good acoustical environment without taking up a lot of space and without being a pain in the eye.

One of the best ways to add texture and dimension to the setting, these felt displays will also serve as an effective noise reduction accent. Perfect for use in a range of residential spaces and commercial projects including retail, office, hospitality, entertainment, lobbies and atriums, auditoriums, cafeterias and other facilities, our felt applications are highly exciting and functional.

Crafted using our advanced printing technology and premium materials, these felt displays have a highly fun and premium look and great application. Easy to use, clean and maintain, our felt floor mats are free of harmful substances and chemical irritants and will be an artful presence in the room.

Whether you require a privacy screen or a room divider, a small desk divider or a full-fledged, stylish exhibition display, we have felt applications which will work perfectly in the setting till times to come.