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CraftID# PFCR01


CraftID# PFCR01

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Soft, luxurious and generously thick felt like no other. We chose wool for its legendary reputation as a sustainable, durable and vibrant material. Our felt speaks softly but carries a powerful message; one that is rich, elegant, and innately human.

  • Powerful sound dampening for a mindful atmosphere.
  • Extremely customizable, made to order.
  • Vivid colors that don’t fade.
  • Time-honored material with a rich history of performance.
  • Wide variety of products, colors and applications.
  • Markets include corporate, commercial, hospitality, education, healthcare.
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CSI Wall Panels

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PoshFelt® is a plush and premium architectural acoustic solution made from 100% natural wool fiber that brings unprecedented versatility to walls and ceilings. PoshFelt® immerses your space into an atmosphere of luxury and pure sensory joy.


PoshFelt® 100% wool felt


25+ including wall panels, ceiling baffles, visual screens, 3D tiles, furniture components and more.


Modular design; 4’ x 8’ x ½” - 2”, 4’ x 9’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 2’, custom.


74+ colors


0.45 - 0.90 NRC

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Acoustical Insulation

Outstanding acoustical dampening for a clear auditory atmosphere.


100% wool felt provides premiere soft and luxurious tactile experience.

Fire Rated

Complies with building fire codes with a Class A rating per ASTM E84.

Wool Felt

Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-hygroscopic and anti- microbial wool is 100% renewable and cruelty free.


Pinnable surface with superior holding characteristics.


Impact resistant, will not deteriorate, rot or change color.

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Just one look around and you͛ll find countless number of machines and even machine-produced goods. There are many connoisseurs of handcrafted details, however they might be far and few in between. But one things can be agreed upon, handcrafted accents provide a wonderful design which will be cherished till times to come. And if you͛re one of those who still indulge in the beautiful art of handcrafting accents, then we have something for you – our selection of craft felts. An easy and perfect option to make any space, furniture, costume, or accessory more welcoming, these craft felt applications will add a touch of adorable to your project.

Felt works beautifully in any décor style, from traditional to contemporary and on every costume style. Whether you͛re in need of some custom shapes or you need our pre-cut felt shapes, you want some distinct pattern or geometry or want to some custom panel or divider, we can provide craft felts in a variety of custom forms.

Your craft is exceptional and effortless and we have felt applications which will complement your art in the most wonderful way. Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes, patterns and finishes, these craft felt solutions will show your skill in a brilliant light. Perfect for use in a range of residential spaces, craft projects, makeovers and commercial projects including retail, office, hospitality, entertainment, lobbies and atriums, auditoriums, cafeterias and other facilities and in craft projects, our craft felt solutions are highly eye-catching and will be a delightful presence.

Crafted using our advanced printing technology and premium materials, these designer craft felt products have a highly exciting and premium look and great application. Easy to use, clean and maintain, our craft felt designs are free of harmful substances and chemical irritants and will be the source of priceless beauty in the setting.

If you͛re one of those who wouldn͛t trade handcrafted aesthetics for anything else, then these craft felts for your diy projects will delight you to no end. A great material and beautiful accents which will get even more charming with your thought and care, our range of craft felts will highlight your ͚craft͛ in the most effective and wonderful way.

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