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Adding green walls in the workplace isn't just about beauty. It can do loads in improving the mental health of your employees and establishing a connection with the natural world. The artificial green walls from CSI Creative contribute to transforming any unused wall space. It can make your office more accessible and be the perfect conversation starter.

The unique collection of faux greenery surfaces from CSI Creative adds a touch of softness to your cement walls. More importantly, our acoustic greenery surfaces help create an acoustic wall system. Thus, whether it's the clutter from the noisy next-door neighbor or the traffic outside, nothing will bother your employees. They can work uninterrupted and peacefully throughout the day.

The wall-mounted green surfaces from CSI Creative also help cut down on the worries of maintaining a natural plant. They don't make any mess, don't care for constant attention, and can blend right in. The best part is their realistic look can fool anyone. They can give you the rewards of a natural plant without any of its costs.

These factors make our range of faux green wall surfaces perfect for your office and commercial space. You can also benefit from the soothing atmosphere it creates. This will most definitely lead to less stress and better output. Considering the acoustic qualities of our plants, it can also hope for better communication and collaboration among your employees.

Convenient, Easy to Maintain, Versatile

There's hardly anything about our faux green wall surfaces that can disappoint you. They help you bring a fresh tide of greenery without weighing down your budget. The superior quality and long-lasting materials we use give our products a regal touch. It also means they're extremely resilient, durable, and easy to care for.

At CSI Creative, we work hard to ensure you have a convenient experience with our products. Our range of durable, expendable, and lightweight products fits the bill perfectly. Whether you're looking for garden tiles or planter boxes, just place them where you feel like and forget about them.

Nobody wants a drab green surface on their wall. Luckily, with CSI Creative, that's something you don't have to worry about. The versatile biophilic element can be the perfect choice for the office break room or lobby. It can excel in almost any setting, and considering the durability of our products, it can withstand almost anything.

Acoustic, Fade-proof, Dust-Proof

The wall-mounted faux greenery surfaces from CSI Creative have a special build. This feature works brilliantly to help reduce noise and reverberations in the workspace. This special functionality of the acoustic green surface can help dull noise, thus creating a comfortable atmosphere for work.

The artificial greenery collection from CSI Creative is also extremely safe for use, especially in office and commercial settings. Considering the risks of fire, the leaves of our green surfaces get a coating of our special fire-resistant compound. The permanent protective coating prevents the surfaces from catching fire and doesn't need recoating.

There's also very little reason to worry about dust or allergies with our products. The unique build of our faux green surface prevents the accumulation of any dust on the leaf surface. That means your green surface is going to stay green for longer.

Need Help Deciding? Contact Us

When it comes to choice and quality, the options at CSI Creative are unparalleled. The unique acoustic quality of our faux green surface provides the best solution for offices or commercial spaces. It can reduce noise on a budget and bring a calming effect to the entire room.

At CSI Creative, we also realize the importance of aesthetic appeal. A green surface can be the perfect way to arrest the imagination of your customers. With our range of authentic-looking products, you aren't going to miss that charm. The best part is that the deceptively real-looking plant, for all its benefits, spares you from the headache of natural plants.

Our products blend the interior and exterior elements of modern decor. Whether you're looking to suspend it from the ceiling or mount it on a wall, they are a great choice for the interior greenery option. Book a consultation with us today to book a personal consultation session and get the best pick.