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Faux greenery furniture can add character and variety to your office or commercial space. It makes the place relaxing to work at and can be a serene sight for your clients and customers. They're an evergreen choice for giving your office a refreshing makeover.

The acoustic greenery furniture from CSI Creative achieves everything you're looking for from a faux terrarium table or ortho desk. It pairs greenery with comfort, helping your team focus and thus improve their productivity. Moreover, adding biophilia to your room decor is more than ergonomics and style. It's also immensely beneficial for the well-being of your employees.

The range of faux greenery furniture from CSI Creative does a little more than just. The noise-canceling furniture helps create an acoustically absorptive environment within your office. That works brilliantly to dim the noise from the office floor. Thus, your employees can work undisturbed within their cubicles with nothing to distract them.

However, the green furniture from CSI Creative isn't only about functionality. The realistic charm of the fake trees, with their green leaves and sharp contours, can deceive even the most experienced eyes. We double down on functionality and pair it with an aesthetic appeal so that you have the perfect replacement for real plants.

Easy to Maintain, Affordable, Versatile

Maintaining a canopy planter or a free-standing work cluster can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare. Luckily with CSI Creative, that isn't the case. We use superior-quality and durable materials for each of our products. The results are realistic-looking and long-lasting furniture that needs zero maintenance. Given they are fake, you don't need to worry about them fading, wilting, or browning.

Read any of our testimonials, and you'll realize our commitment to quality. However, it might leave you with the impression that buying one of our faux green furniture is an expensive affair. That isn't the case. We maintain a delicate balance between our products' quality and affordability, which sets us apart from the rest. Owning one of them is also a good idea since there isn't any future cost to worry about.

Our range of artificial greenery options is versatile when it comes to choice. You can place them near windows, pair them up with panels or keep them alone- they look just fine. It's truly expendable in nature. Moreover, the long-lasting materials we use for our products mean they are long-lasting and can withstand any amount of strain.

Acoustic, Dust-Proof, Fade-Proof

At CSI Creative, a special technology goes into making our Soundcore®and PoshFelt® products. It helps the furniture to reduce noise that is frequent in workplaces. The microscopic pores help them effectively dull the noise to create a better work environment. Your employees are likely to be under less stress, allowing them to communicate and collaborate better.

You can also go ahead and place them near any window. The special UV protection of the plants shields the leaves from the sun's harmful UV rays. Thus, it can stay anywhere you want to for years without fading and giving you any reason to complain.

You also don't need to fret over dust and allergies with us. The unique build of our green furniture prevents any dust or debris from forming on the leaf's surface. This keeps them greener for longer and makes them suitable for any office environment.

Need Assistance Deciding? Contact Us

The collection of faux greenery furniture CSI Creative is lightyears ahead of its competitors in the market. We equip our products with special acoustic qualities that make them suitable for the office setting. It can be your best way to create a calmer office environment on a budget.

Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing noise, it's also hard to ignore the aesthetic appeal of our products. Our range of authentic-looking products blends seamlessly with any office or commercial space decor. That's one way of standing out in front of your customers.

The replica trees paired with the planter or an office desk can add a much-needed character to any room. The variety of options when choosing the furniture that best suits your office can be a tough job. That's why feel free to book a consultation with us today. Our experts will guide you in the buying process to help you make the best decision.