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In an office, managing to protect the privacy of your employees without running the risk of isolating them is a big worry. Luckily, with faux greenery features from CSI Creative, you have an easy solution to your problem. They can act as the perfect privacy barrier. At the same time, a tree planter box on your office floor is always a better sight than a brick wall.

We offer a range of impressive faux indoor bio freestanding options, ideal for bringing a green tide to your office. Their lush foliage, stately bark, and sharp contours are simply stunning and perfect for almost any setting.

What's more, their compelling and detailed finish makes them a spitting replica of the real plant. So, you can add the color and life of a tropical landscape or an impressive bio frame to your interiors without anyone even realizing they're fake. It can give you that regal feel at a fraction of the cost and make your office stand out.

However, the best thing about the green features from CSI Creative isn't its aesthetic appeal. Our unique technology makes the freestanding planters and partitions the perfect soundproofing option for your office. It can remove echoes and reduce noise in your office. This helps you create a quieter and calmer workspace, which can boost productivity and quality of work.

No-Fuss, Cost-Effective, Convenient

With the artificial freestanding features from CSI Creative, you can wave goodbye to all the headaches. Maintaining one of our features is nothing in comparison to a natural plant. You don't have to worry about them shedding or fading. This means they need way less care than the natural ones. So you can place them in a corner and forget about them.

Getting a high-quality artificial green feature without spending a heavy sum is hard. At least that's the case for most brands, but not with CSI Creative. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best faux plant decor at an affordable rate. There's little need to be concerned about the maintenance cost either, as they are relatively low maintenance. Besides, the long-lasting materials mean you don't have to replace them frequently as well.

Apart from the apparent benefits of placing these features in your workspace, they're also extremely convenient. Their lightweight and versatile nature mean you can effortlessly place them almost anywhere. They'll blend with the surroundings seamlessly and add to the room's aesthetic appeal.

Acoustic, Fire-Proof, No Fading

Privacy is essential in an office, but so is soundproofing. With the Soundcore® and PoshFelt® green features from CSI Creative, you get both. The special technology that goes into making all of our products makes them excellent in dulling noises. So, forget about the annoying drone of the devices and traffic sounds. You and your team can now work effectively without any distractions or disturbances.

Many avoid opting for faux greenery, fearing them to be fire hazards. With our range of green features, from biophilic gazebos to trellis planters, you can rest easy. We use a special fire-resistant compound for all of our products, preventing them from catching fire at the time of an accident. This makes them a safe decor option in an office.

On top of that, our special UV protection should also give you the confidence to place the features anywhere in your office. The UV protection coat prevents the leaves from losing their charm, even if you place it by a window all year round.

Need Help Deciding? Contact Us

The bio freestanding features from CSI Creative are perfect for almost any office and even a commercial space. We use a revolutionary soundproofing technology that reduces reverberations and increases productivity. This feature also has its application in a commercial space. It reduces the need to raise one's voice, making the room a quieter place and improving communication.

With us, there's also little need to worry about faux features that'll enhance the room's appeal. They are the perfect way to help any room stand out. At the same time, it can also create a calmer and more relaxing environment to work in. This can make your employees feel more at ease.

With a wide range of options, there's plenty to choose from when shopping with us. If you're getting spoiled for choices, feel free to contact us. We will help you through the process and pair you with the best product.