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Artificial greenery is a smart decor choice. They're attractive, hassle-free, long-lasting, and cheap. However, most modern offices can be pressed for square footage. That's where using bio ceilings can seem to be such a good idea. From hanging planters to suspended screens, almost anything will suit the ceiling and redefine the room's aesthetics.

If bio ceilings are the way to go for your office or commercial space, CSI Creative can help. Our range of extensive hanging greenery doesn't require you to have green fingers either. The faux greenery doesn't need any care or maintenance. That's one less thing to worry about.

However, the obvious benefit of picking artificial ceiling plants from CSI Creative lies in their acoustic qualities. Whether it's your noisy neighbors above or the constant drone of the traffic, our plants are the perfect soundproofing solution. It helps create a less stressful office environment, which means better and more efficient output.

We also know how to balance appeal with functionality. That's why our experts devote an extraordinary amount of time to replicating the faux trees accurately. The results are deceptively looking plants that can make anyone do a double-take. Their authentic look also helps relax your team and work better.

No Maintenance, Durable, Versatile

It goes without saying, having a bio ceiling of living plants can be challenging. From watering them to ensuring they get proper sunlight to stop them from browning. There's so much to worry about but not with faux green ceilings from CSI Creative. Our lightweight and easy-to-handle trees are perfect for your office. You don't have to worry about caring for them, instead can focus on the more important stuff.

With CSI Creative, durability isn't a factor as well. We use superior graded and long-lasting materials that make our trees resilient. You don't need to replace or restore them like most other artificial trees, either. Thus, there's no need to change them often, which is great news for your pocket.

Our range of artificial ceilings is versatile in every sense of the word. From sizes and colors to variety, there's simply no limit. Whether you hang them or mount them on the ceiling, they can add greenery to the room and make the most of the space. It'll be a fine transformation and bring energy to your office.

Acoustic, Fire-Proof, Dust-Proof

The bio ceiling from CSI Creative is your best way to combat noise at the workplace. The Soundcore® and PoshFelt® products are specially built to help reduce noise levels and improve focus. The unique feature of the green ceilings to dull noise goes a long way in reducing stress and fatigue among employees. It eliminates the need to raise voice and foster better communication and collaboration.

Fire's a big threat to any artificial plant. However, that's not the case with artificial plants from CSI Creative. All of our products get a coating of our revolutionary fire-resistant compound during manufacturing. It protects the faux plants from fire and makes them safe for use.

Our special integrated material also makes them resilient to dust It prevents the formation of a layer of dust on the surface of the leaves. That makes it easy to keep your faux plants clean and reduces the chances of allergies.

Need Help Deciding? Contact Us

The bio ceiling from CSI Creative is the perfect choice for any office or commercial place. Our revolutionary technology to dampen the noise make them the ideal soundproofing material for any office space. So, the next time customers come to your restaurant, they can have a peaceful chat without needing to shout.

We also realize the aesthetic appeal of a faux green ceiling. It can be the perfect way to steal the show for any commercial establishment. While there's hardly a better way to help your employees relax and make them feel at home in an office. They are effective as much as they are appealing.

Our range of extensive products, from hanging planters to plant screen baffles, gives you a wide range of options. You're likely to find everything you require in our collection no matter your need. Book a consultation session with us if you're pressed to find the perfect bio ceiling decor. We will help you find the ideal pick.