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Walls and ceilings are about providing support to a structure. Walls also create enclosures. But there’s no harm in decorating something that’s functional as well. That’s where wall panels step in.

Are your walls bumpy and uneven? Have you been trying to make them look smoother and better for quite some time? Are you looking for noise reduction inside your property?

What about the ceilings? Are they also looking drab? Are parts of them peeling off? It would be great if you could cover them with some colorful and sturdy panels, you must be thinking.

Your desks could also do with some refurbishment. They are showing signs of aging. But you don’t want to get rid of them - yet. But if you could get hold of some attractive panels to cover them up, you are game.

And Now You Are Wondering - Where to Go to Get These Panels?

Well, you are at the right place now. We at CSI Creative will ensure that your objectives are met.

Our product range consists of decorative acoustic wall panels, tackable panels, and convenient soundproof portable partition walls, to name a few. Aesthetics and durability are what our products ensure. Years of research and development have ensured that we deliver only the best products for your property. Because we want only the best panels to adorn your property.

CSI Creative Is Not Just a Product Provider. We Like to Call Ourselves “Lifestyle Providers.”

Be sure to find the best quality decorative acoustic panels, soundproof freestanding wall dividers, and similar products with us for every type of commercial property. Our products are as functional as they are attractive. We are the chosen wall panel providers for a large number of organizations.

And why is that? It’s because of the various important functions that our wall panels perform. Read on to know more about them.

They Work as Room Dividers

Our room divider panels come in various forms - acoustical room dividers, freestanding room dividers, and half-wall dividers are just a few of them. They create convenient personalized spaces and ensure optimum usage of the room in offices, libraries, etc.

Our room divider panels are easily replaceable. So, if you are looking to refurbish your property, uninstalling them would be hassle-free. Are you looking to reorganize the spaces in the room? Our panels are extensible. So rearrangement is not an issue at all.

They Allow Custom Printing

Wouldn’t it feel great to have your favorite movie scene printed on the panel? Or that wonderful scenery from a trip you made to some exotic destination? CSI Wall Panel’s panels are perfect for custom printing.

Our custom-printed panels would allow for a lot of creativity and versatility in terms of décor. You can use them as decorative wall displays in the main reception/waiting area. They would add sophistication and a sense of warmth to the room.

The custom-printed panels can be installed easily. They would come with mounting brackets. This would make the panels fit in perfectly with the walls & ceilings.

They Ensure Privacy

These are the days of open offices. But at the same time, you would need rooms to conduct specific team meetings. A few individual chambers and rooms for conducting interviews etc. might also be necessary.

Wall panels are perfect for this. They come in folding and sliding forms. They are portable and also perform the noise reduction function. They come in a range of colors to suit the visual aesthetics of the room.

Our wall panels will ensure a fair amount of privacy in an otherwise open workspace.

They Perform the Acoustics Function

Soft-furnished wall panels from CSI Creative, made out of fabric and foam, can be placed in the room to ensure noise absorption. Decorative acoustic wall panels will eliminate any residual sound in the enclosed room. And they will also add to the visual beauty of the room.

The Panels are Tackable

The workplace is all about having multiple chits and documents in front of you. But post-its may not always serve the purpose. It’s much more convenient to have tackable acoustic panels where you can pin up the documents.

These panels are much more attractive than the crumbling cork boards. The panels are highly durable. They can be tacked multiple times without any drop in their quality. You can install a small panel or an entire wall, floor-to-ceiling. The tackable wall coverings protect the wall while providing acoustic benefits.

And the common point that runs through all the features is – visual aesthetics. Our wall panels come in a wide range of attractive colors and myriad designs. Our design architects finalize a design only after going through a painstaking R & D.

Contact us today. The expert technicians of CSI Creative would be happy to take you through the design options. At the end of it all, it’s about turning your design dreams into reality with our panels.