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Five Senses™

Finding the right material and finish for your project usually feels like roaming a unmanned warehouse for off-the-shelf products. We’re putting a stop to that with Five Senses™, our incredibly flexible made-to-order wall panel system. We make it easy to find the right materials, then help you customize and integrate them into your project.

Five Senses Wood

A World of Possibility

Five Senses by CSI Creative is an innovative architectural panel system that combines precision fit wall panels into a flexible, modular designed framing attachment system. Constructed using a variety of substrate materials and an extensive array of architectural finishes, our modular system allows you to work in flexible design and functional combinations of the the lower and upper portion of the wall. While our system can incorporate typical 4’ x 8’ panels, it was designed to offer a more flexible installation of 4’ x 3’ panels for the lower wainscot and 4’ x 5’ panels for the upper wall.

While the system brings one value to the product, the other value is found in the extensive depth and form that each design achieves through the magnificent 3D carvings and endless finishes. Make selections based on your specific decor; wood grain, fantastic stone carved options, contemporary metal finishes or bring new language to your environment by choosing one of our pre-designed themes. Combine leather and fabric for a fantastic retro look, or concrete finishes with old brick application for Loft decor. The opportunities and combinations are endless. Help us satisfy your vision and create your character.

Five Senses Arch

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