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Ceiling Mounted Acoustic Panels That Won’t Let the People Upstairs Interrupt You

Ceilings are nice things – they keep a shelter over your head when there is a raging thunderstorm, chilly winters, or unbearable summers. However, those ceilings cannot keep out the invisible things such as soundwaves. So, we can help you here to keep the sound waves away if you are wanting that.

CSI Creative has noise canceling ceiling panels that allow you to have the finest sound absorbing and deflecting functionality. These panels can guide sound waves into them allowing rapid absorption and noise reduction. They are great for application in multiple spaces – be it commercial, residential, or other public spaces.

With us, you can be assured of the finest wall panels for all your sound and noise reduction concerns. You can also be assured to get ceiling panels in multiple shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and patterns at CSI Creative.

The Benefits of Ceiling Sound Absorbing Panels You Might Not Have Thought About

We offer ceiling mounted acoustic panels that are easy to install as well as maintain. They can be cleaned easily as well as they can resist impact. You won’t also have to worry about putting hyperactive kids, their snacks, and toys in a room filled with acoustic panels.

Think of a time when you invite people down to your house for a fun party but the ceiling is an unsightly mess of unwanted chippings, wired, and all the other stuff that shouldn’t be there. Here, sound absorbing ceiling panels can hide all that blunder. Also, they make it a lot easier for you to remodel or make repairs when your ceiling health gets out of hand.

Now, bathrooms can also be a really noisy place – people taking long showers, blow-drying hairs to the perfect look, slamming vanity doors, and more. And, you cannot say that you never cringed or got irritated when someone drop the toilet seat, so, if the bathroom ceilings are soundproof, the people above or below the bathroom will stay happy always.

A Wide Range of Noise Cancelling Ceiling Panels for You

To make any space look amazing, you should also focus on what material you are choosing. Therefore, we offer Stalacs ceiling mounted sound absorbing panels will different materials such as Soundcore®, PoshFelt®, MDF, gypsum, GFRC, reinforced plastic, laminates, aluminum, wood veneer, mineral fiber, artificial greenery, and more.

We offer the best decorative sound absorbing ceiling panels with several applications such as wall-mounted, partially suspended/ mounted, fully suspended, mobile, free-standing, modular, and attachment. You can also find multiple functions such as acoustics, privacy, custom printing, tackable, room divider, and aesthetics among others.

Well, you can get the best acoustic ceiling panels for you. But give us a call to find out more. You can also find out about the wide range of wall panels we have to offer to you. We ensure that we serve as a one-stop solution for all your wall panel needs and requirements. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.