Our Scala Collection features a ceiling suspended baffle construction design, engineered to reduce noise and sound interference while enhancing your overall visual appeal. The sound baffling panels has a modern look and feel, provides a sense of softness to upper spaces and adds depth and texture in an aesthetically appealing series of baffles. PoshFelt® 100% wool felt is an acoustically-enhancing arrangement with architectural elements.




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Featuring ceiling suspended acoustic felt panels set in baffles, the Scala Collection has architectural appeal and a visual rhythmic cadence. Capturing unwanted noise and echoes within the baffle design, the PoshFelt® 100% wool panels offer high design within the structured sequence. Perfectly measured, modern and contemporary, the hardworking sound absorption design is aesthetically appealing and exceptionally efficient. The result is clear communication, better interactivity. Available in a variety of colors, this Scala sound absorbing baffles will create a lasting impression in your environment.