Our Ridges Collection features wall mounted acoustic panels purposefully designed with ridges for highly effective sound diffusion. Perfect for spaces looking for a modern aesthetic, with style and structure, the Ridges support high levels of activity and communication while adding texture and depth to your overall interior design. Created with PoshFelt® 100% wool felt, available in a wide array of colors, these panels are superior at removing noise interference in a stylish, fashion-forward way.




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Powerful and elegant, strong and stylish, our Ridges Collection features 100% wool decorative sound absorbing wall panels that are masterfully designed by PoshFelt®. Detailed with fine vertical blades to capture unwanted noise, the acoustic felt wall panels are mounted directly to the wall as an effective yet subtle background. Substantial sound reduction supports clean, clear communication, resulting in higher levels of productivity and less interference. Available in a variety of colors to support your design and your brand, the Ridges will make sure you are communicating the right message on all fronts.

Take Your Wall to the Next Level with Felt Acoustic Blades

At CSI Creative, we offer plenty of beautiful and inspiring interior felt panels that can treat all your noise problems. Now, if you search “3d acoustic wall panels”, you will instantly come across millions of hits on a variety of applications. These results might range from bulky and foam to thin wall tiles. All this will make you wonder what wall covering works. So, we have the answer to all your questions as we are here to offer the best ones.

PoshFelt® Ridges is created to deliver powerful sound diffusion in combination with sleek, stylish aesthetics to fit the fashion of the bold. These wall-mounted, ultra-soft PoshFelt® blades have a character of refinement that expresses rhythm and contrast while creating a vibrant interaction with natural light and shadows in your space.

Get the Finest 3d Acoustic Wall Panels at CSI Creative

Whether it is your home theatre, media room, game room or any space where noise can be an issue, you need to find the perfect solution for that. The sound can travel to the adjacent room or you could be the one in the adjacent room. Having the right acoustic environment for relevant spaces is important.

Get the best sound absorbing wall panels designed to bring the acoustics and prestige of a world-renown theatre to your space, presenting a visual dynamic centered on rhythm and cadence. Our luxurious 100% wool felt uses vivid, lasting colors and beautiful texture, and heathering patterns that create a lasting, authentic impression, underscored by the incredible acoustic performance that leaves the air open to the music of conversation.

We Have Stunning Sound Absorbing Panels for You

Regardless of whether you are looking for a functional solution or not, we know that you would not want to compromise on the visual appeal of the space. Well, the visuals and décor of a space is the one that connects with you. At CSI Creative, we ensure that you get stunning patterns that will ensure the best acoustic functions as well as décor in your desired space.

When you are CSI Creative, you will get all your solutions in one place. We serve solutions that are deep-rooted in your requirements to ensure that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Moreover, we understand your needs before we suggest anything.

If you are looking for personalized solutions, you should get to us only. We cater to a wide range of client requirements and we are sure that you can get the best for you too. Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than glad to assist you.