Our Ridges Collection features wall mounted acoustic panels purposefully designed with ridges for highly effective sound diffusion. Perfect for spaces looking for a modern aesthetic, with style and structure, the Ridges support high levels of activity and communication while adding texture and depth to your overall interior design. Created with PoshFelt® 100% wool felt, available in a wide array of colors, these panels are superior at removing noise interference in a stylish, fashion-forward way.




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Powerful and elegant, strong and stylish, our Ridges Collection features 100% wool decorative sound absorbing wall panels that are masterfully designed by PoshFelt®. Detailed with fine vertical blades to capture unwanted noise, the acoustic felt wall panels are mounted directly to the wall as an effective yet subtle background. Substantial sound reduction supports clean, clear communication, resulting in higher levels of productivity and less interference. Available in a variety of colors to support your design and your brand, the Ridges will make sure you are communicating the right message on all fronts.