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Generally, wall and ceiling panels are used to beautify a space. And some of these panels can even make rooms acoustically better. But what about when a wall panel can do both? Make a space look trendy, while also ensuring that the room’s acoustical environment is comfortable and welcoming.

And that is exactly what our Geo-Mosaic Collection does. The Geo-Mosaic Collection by CSI Creative is truly a versatile wall paneling system. It is a tile system of noise absorbing panels that, when put together, can create amazing geometric patterns.

Our Geo-Mosaic Collection is well suited for a variety of spaces. Be it classrooms, office cubicles, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, recording studios, and even movie theaters. We also offer Geo-Mosaic modular wall tiles. Read on to find out exactly what you can expect to get when you opt for one of our most popular products - The Geo-Mosaic Collection.

Find Out What Makes Our Geo-Mosaic Wall And Ceiling Panels A Connoisseur's Delight

Our Geo-Mosaic Collection is all about adding functional sound absorption panels that also add a touch of art to your walls. The collection is home to traditional as well as modern patterns. Made from our signature Soundcore® acoustic felt, the Geo-Mosaic Collection offers premium noise dampening and echo prevention properties. These tiles are non-allergenic and free from VOC emissions including formaldehyde.

The acoustic felt geometric blocks that make up our Geo-Mosaic Collection are well suited for all environments to improve communication and sound transmission. These are also lightweight and easy to install. In addition, our entire Geo-Mosaic Collection is resistant to impact and shocks, making them highly durable. They are also fade-proof and will not change color as time passes. They are also hon-hygroscopic, making them even more long-lasting. This means that even years later, your space will look just as vibrant as the day you first got these tiles installed.

They are also 100% recyclable, are non-toxic, and do not harm the environment in any way. And that is exactly what the world needs now - environment-friendly products. They are also compliant with various fire laws so they are safe to use in a multitude of settings. The best part about these uber customizable panels? It becomes super easy to match your brand colors and design with these.

Take A Look At What Awaits You As Part Of Our Geo-Mosaic Collection

The Geo-Mosaic Collection by CSI Creative comprises panels for walls, ceilings as well as floors. Choose from options such as Geo-Mozaic Acoustic Modular Tiles, modular floor tiles, decorative modular wall tiles, modular tile flooring systems, modular vinyl floor tiles, 3D modular tiles, and modular arts dune, and much more.

The Geo-Mosaic Collection can be teamed up with other paneling systems from CSI Creative such as stone panels, metal panels, vinyl panels, MDF panels, and reinforced plastic panels to create a show-stopping decor. There are plenty of designs and patterns to choose from, along with hundreds of vivid colors.

These cost-effective and design-friendly modular felt tiles are the true combos of fashion and functionality. Use them for creating an illusion of a continuous flowing wall or a feature wall installation, the choice is yours. They are sure to look grand in any setting.

We Can Help You Realize Your Design Dreams

At CSI Creative, we understand that even with our huge repertoire of products and materials, we might fall short of client expectations. For times like these, our passionate team of experts steps up. And they create unique, customized products that are sure to be the right fit for any specific space or setting.

Our Geo-Mosaic Collection of wall and ceiling panels is highly customizable. Be it the size, fit, pattern, finish, raw material, or colors that need to be customized, we can do that in a jiffy. They can even be designed on-site, in any specific pattern or form that you require. All you need to do is share your design idea with us.

Go ahead and call us to set up a meeting today. Rest assured, your space will have the perfect acoustical balance, along with looking stunning with our Geo-Mosaic wall and ceiling panels.