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Now that you have that business space with you, you are wondering how to optimize it. And ideas are coming to your mind. Installing cubicles? Create small enclosures? And also, how to reduce some of the noise and cut out the echo?

But how to put these ideas into practice?

That’s where we at CSI Creative can assist you.

We offer a range of the most premium quality freeform panels for a range of usage. Be it our freeform room dividers or the freeform wall dividers, trust our panels to do the perfect job for your workspace.

What is A Freeform Collection?

Simply put, these are panels that are shaped and designed with utmost precision. True to their name, they can be installed anywhere in the room or even suspended from the roof – courtesy of our special attachment system. This adds a lot of versatility to the freeform panels.

Where Can You Use Our Freeform Panels?

Well, almost everywhere! It can be a corporate office or a commercial space. It can be a healthcare unit or educational institution. You want to decorate the workspace. You want to install cubicles. You want noise elimination. All that and more is possible with the freeform panels from CSI Creative.

Why Choose Our Freeform Panels?

Our freeform acoustic panels come equipped with the latest in Soundcore® technology. What this ensures is an almost-total noise reduction and echo prevention. The Soundcore® acoustic felt is highly versatile.

We use nothing but the best quality acoustic felt for the Soundcore® experience. And what makes this more attractive is the usage of recycled PET acoustic felt. You won’t get this everywhere.

These panels are resistant to impact and shock, are compatible with building fire codes, and come with a Class A rating. We use only non-toxic materials in the construction of the panels. The panels are non-allergenic.

The panels are also tackable with a better quality holding properties. They are decay-resistant and the colors won’t fade with time. And you don’t need to worry about keeping them clean. Some basic dusting or vacuum cleaning is all that they need to stay spick and span.

Looking to create more personalized workspaces for your employees? Our freeform room dividers would be the perfect fit. A room divider is not just a functional installation. They can also add much to the visual aesthetics of the room.

And that’s what CSI Wall Panel’s freeform room dividers would do for you. Be it as a floating panel suspended from the ceiling or the more traditional wall-attached variant, the panels do the required job of creating customized individual workspaces.

And the best part is that we are talking about freeform portable wall dividers here. These are not rooted to the floor or ceiling. You might need to rearrange or refurbish the room. Then, you can easily carry these dividers from one place to another. And you won’t need to worry about breaking down any structure for the same.

A Wide Range of Freeform Panels for You

Our freeform panels are not limited to a few variants. We offer a wide range of panels. You can decorate the interiors with our Mural custom-printed wall panels. Get your favorite image or abstract artwork printed on the freeform panels and watch the room come to life.

Our folding acoustic panels are lightweight and easy to install/uninstall. The freeform acoustic privacy desk dividers ensure visual separation and also noise elimination. The larger acoustic panels are for full-wall coverage. They are both effective and appealing.

A wide range of patterns and textures is what makes our freeform panels a hit with customers. It’s all about creating the right ambiance for your organization. And wall paneling goes a long way in achieving that.

Contact Us Today

We at CSI Creative are just a call away. Our team of technicians will assist you with the best freeform wall paneling options. We will customize the designs based on your requirement and budget. We value the expectations that you have by getting in touch with us. We won’t let you down.