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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panels for You

If you aren’t yet familiar with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), you should be. GFRC is a specialized form of concrete. It’s a cement-based composite material reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibers. The fibers serve a purpose similar to the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete, and they also add flexural, tensile, and impact strength. As a result, GFRC can be used to produce strong, lightweight architectural concrete products such as building panels.

Forte Lightweight Concrete Collection is a pre-cast panel for exterior and interior applications. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is a lightweight concrete panel that uses glass fibers for reinforcement instead of steel. It is casted in a thin section of around 1/2" to 3/4". Great Real Texture Panels as a result of the meticulous sculpting and molding manufacturing process.

It can also be used to create decorative concrete products such as façade wall panels, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, and concrete countertops due to its unique properties and tensile strength. Most concrete countertop professionals use GFRC as their technique of choice due to its versatility, strength, and lighter weight. One of the best ways to truly understand the benefits of GFRC is to take a deeper look into this unique compound.

Benefits of GFRC Forte Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels

Among all the other features and qualities, they have an exceptional application in interiors as well as exteriors. Moreover, when it comes to the benefits, it has plenty of it. Owing to their extreme flexibility in function and design, they can be extensively used in applications that do not require a steel stud frame. Moreover, the applications can include architectural ornamentation, terra cotta restoration and replacement, and more.

Now, coming to the benefits, you can list plenty of it. Starting with durability and safety, they are highly reliable and deliver the best performance. Also, you get design freedom as they can be molded into almost any color and shape. Getting glass fiber reinforced concrete cladding panels will provide you with a hassle-free process of easy installation as well as maintenance. With quick installation and a cost-effective process, you get the benefits of weather and fire resistance as well. Alongside, they are economical and energy-efficient – you get a wide range to choose from as well.

The Best GFRC Architectural Precast Concrete Wall Panels

The material used to make these panels is robust to ensure quality at all times. With impeccable quality features, they are sure to be worth all the effort you put in to find the perfect ones. Ease of installation as well as maintenance makes them an amazing choice to go for always. Above all, you can get multiple colors and texture options.

We offer laminate wall panels with several applications such as wall-mounted, partially suspended/ mounted, fully suspended, mobile, free-standing, modular, and attachment. You can also find multiple functions such as acoustics, privacy, custom printing, tackable, room divider, and aesthetics among others. With myriads of choices, you can be assured that you’ll get the best with us.

You get a wide pool of choices in terms of exotic colors, textures, design, patterns, and several high-end properties. Moreover, you get different applications and functions allowing you to pick the one that fits your need the best. For more details, always feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to assist.