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Traffic noise, drones of the machines, and reverberations are some of the most common problems in a workplace. Whether it’s an open space or a small room, every office needs a way out. Luckily, suspended baffle ceilings from CSI Creative are the perfect solution. The ceiling-mounted flaps absorb undesired sound, thereby reducing unnecessary noises and disturbances.

The wall-mounted acoustic flaps from CSI Creative are also a great way of creating divisions in your office. You can blend them easily in your design to create aesthetically pleasing and modern-looking cubicles for your employees. They can work more efficiently, with very few distractions to worry about.

While the functionality of our free-standing sound-absorbing panels is unparalleled, don’t discount its look either. They are stylish as they are effective and are perfect for any modern office or commercial space. Moreover, the extensive collection of our baffle ceilings gives you plenty of options. Whether it’s a minimalist look or a luxurious one, you can redesign your store or office as you want.

With the hanging room dividers from CSI Creative, you also benefit from versatility and flexibility. We are leagues ahead of our rivals, from color, texture, and finish choices to their easy installation. The best part is that you get all that at an affordable rate.

What Does CSI Suspend Baffle Ceiling Offer You?

With our Soundcore® and PoshFelt® baffle panels, we combine bold design with effective functionality. This can act as a catalyst for bringing a positive change in the look of your office. At the same time, the sturdy panels with their noise-canceling abilities can be the perfect soundproofing solution.

Our range of suspended acoustic ceiling dividers also gives every room an identity of its own. That can leave your customers impressed and can be particularly beneficial for commercial stores. What’s more, with our options to custom print your designs, you can choose panels that fit your brand’s image perfectly.

Lastly, the Soundcore® technology allows you to transform the feel of your office. The special insulation qualities of our panels get rid of echoes and improve speech clarity. This helps in better communication and collaboration within your office, ensuring better output.

Why Choose Us?

The suspended felt baffle ceiling from CSI Creative is great for any corporate space. The Soundcore® panels help create an atmosphere that fosters communication and collaboration. Our flaps save you from worrying about noise, whether from outside or within your own office. The acoustic features of the panels can effectively stifle echoes and quieten the office. The modern design of the Soundcore® and PoshFelt® panels also allows them to blend seamlessly with your office.

Our customizable ceiling panels are also the perfect choice for educational institutions. Shouting, reverberations, and a whole host of noises are a common occurrence in most institutions. The Soundcore® and PoshFelt® divider panels help reduce noise and disturbances to create a vibrant and quiet environment. Our special acoustic fiber material means you get great acoustic functionality without compromising on decor choice.

We also check all the boxes when it comes be creating a clean and comfortable atmosphere in hospitals. The acoustic qualities of our baffle flaps can help soothe the minds of patients and accelerate their recovery. Moreover, our non-hygroscopic and VOC-free panels are safe for everyone to use. Cleaning them isn’t a concern as well, as they are moisture-proof and stain-resistant.

Couldn’t Find Your Pick? Let Us Know.

Interior spaces of any office or commercial space can often determine the mood and growth of the business. The suspended acoustic baffle panels from CSI Creative are the best choice to give your office a modern makeover with noise-reducing and echo-canceling properties.

Our range of customizable tiles and panels have excellent sound dampening properties which also help to prevent any echo when installed in large rooms. They’re also versatile, flexible, and can fit into almost any environment.

Making your space to do all the work was never this easy. Come to us, convey your vision, and we’ll make it real for you. You just need to book a consultation and tell us your needs and wants. We’ll provide you with the best possible product.