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Stone PanelsID# SWP003


Stone PanelsID# SWP003

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A great way to increase the value of your property and to introduce dramatic texture in your space, these panels will be the major highlight of your interior space

  • Bespoke wall panel system with an engineered attachment framework.
  • Precision fit stone panels, moldings, reveals & trim.
  • Modular design with an extensive array of carving expressions.
  • Ideal for continuous wall, background wall cover or visual transition spaces.
  • Markets include hospitality, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education.
  • Tailored to suit your own experience.
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CSI Creative

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Five Senses Architectural Wall Panel System


Modular wall panel system featuring an engineered attachment framework system complete with precision fit stone panels, moldings, reveals and trim.


Modular panels; 4’ x 4’ x ¾”, 4’ x 3’ x ¾”, 4’ x 1’ x ¾”

Optional Selection



4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12’, 5’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’, 5’ x 12’


¾”, ½”,⅝”, 1”, 1 ½”


MDF, paper phenolic, particleboard, plywood, baltic russian birch, acrylic, glass, metal, resin


Thermally fused laminate (TFL), thermally fused melamine (TFM), high pressure laminate (HPL), three dimensional laminate (3DL), wood veneer, translucent, printed graphic, whiteboard, chalkboard, magnetic, tackable


500+ finishes including woodgrain, metallic, stone, leather, textured, solids, high gloss, matte, speciality and more


140+ patterns of deep sculpted, dimensional 3D carvings including shiplap, wainscot, barnwood, brick, stone, planks, waves, tin, ripple, pyramid, funnel and more


¼” narrow reveal, 1/16” hidden reveal, ½” channel reveal, ½” exposed reveal


Moisture resistant ANSI MR10 / ANSI MR50; 100% recycled / recovered wood fiber, Greenguard, Eco-certified, FSC-certified & LEED-certified composite material; NAF MDF (no added formaldehyde resin); flammability rating ASTM E84 Class A



Get the big idea

Modular Designs

Modular Designs

Flexible, modular designs offering an unlimited range of panel sizes, materials, finishes, patterns, colors and moldings.
Durable Designs


Resistant to chemicals, stains, water, fire retardant, abrasion and more.
Functional Designs


Optional tackable surfaces, chalkboards, whiteboards and magnetic solutions.
Sustainable Designs


Does not pollute the environment and are non-toxic.
Renewable Designs


Utilizes components made from recycled raw materials.
Certified Designs


Certified designs according to FSC®, LEED®, Greenguard and more.
Suitable For New Construction Or Reno


Perfect for any surface including CMU cinder block, finished drywall, tile, wall coverings, plaster, and other dated surfaces.
No Demolition Required

No Demolition Required

Avoid debris, dust, and other contaminants. Save time and money on demolition and disposal.
Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Save on labor costs with fast, straightforward installation.

Are you one of those homeowners who wonder at the style and liveliness of design spaces when you visit a new home or office space? Do you always find yourself wondering what’s the secret to the inviting feel a décor space rolls out for its visitors? Or are you left in thoughts every-time you enter that local bar, cafe or restaurant about why the interiors feel so intimate and cozy? Well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners and business-owners want to know what makes a design space so captivating and interesting. Here is one of the accents which can make any residential or commercial space rich and inviting – stone wall panels. At CSI, we worked with architects and designers and have designed and produced a collection of interior stone wall panels which balances privacy and elegance with pleasing visual appeal to make your home or office space luxuriously stylish.

Stone walls have been around since ages. And it’s not just their durability which has made them stand the test of time. The visual aesthetic and organic warmth of stone walls is an art form in itself and for such reasons it has been the darling of many designers, architects and homeowners since forever now. If you are one of those who love the rustic and dramatic texture and feel of stones and would probably bring stone in every living space given a chance, then our collection of stone wall panels is for you. Boasting of look and feel of real stones, these decorative wall panels are perfectly suited to residential and commercial spaces giving them a highly elegant and cozy feeling.

Featuring stunning earthy colors and rustic appeal, our stone walls bring a sense of traditional luxury and will make your walls a focal point of your décor. Available in various shapes, styles, colors and textures, our range of faux stone wall panels allows you to personalize your living space and spark its creative side. They are available in a versatile range of natural finishes and appealing textures and are well suited to a range of home or commercial spaces including your living room, couch backdrop, kitchen wall, bar theme wall, company logo background, hotel reception area, fireplace or retail space and others.

Manufactured using premium quality material, our stone paneling mimics the natural look and feel of the real stone perfectly and will bring you the most authentic appearance. Easy to install, maintain and clean, they will bring a wow effect in your home or office space at a reasonable price. Highly durable and functional, these wall panels will protect your walls till times to come and will stand up to harsh climate conditions and wear and tear. The striking and chic look of these brick stone products will make a stunning statement in any design space.

From traditional to modern designs, sleek simple designs to bold ones, there is certainly no shortage of rustic styles available which will pique your space. A traditional-style panel is known to impart a timeless and elegant view to the space, creating a sophisticated ambiance whereas a modern-style will enhance the streamlined aesthetic. Our stone veneer works better than other upteen wall decoration choices, as you can be certain that our striking panels provide you a balance of aesthetics and functionality. Apart from the visual feast and adding a sense of fun, they also help protect your walls from daily wear and tear. Our faux panels aren’t just great at providing your rooms with a much-needed design boost, they are about fuss-free and clean coatings giving you an alternative from harmful paints and other materials. Available in multiple choices to suit every décor style, these look like stacked stones or rocks, feel custom and you cannot beat their tailor-made look and feel as they fit your space and style perfectly.

If you are looking to make your home or commercial space more workable and visually appealing on a budget, then our collection of stone wall panels is ideal for you. They will not just add sturdiness and high functionality to your walls, but they will also help create more beautiful and sophisticated surroundings. A great way to increase the value of your property and to introduce dramatic texture in your space, these panels will be the major highlight of your interior space.