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CSI Creative prides itself on its innovation, which is fueled by the desire to create absolutely unique products to match the unique needs of a client. We control our manufacturing and processing capabilities, so it becomes no trouble for us to go that extra mile for our customers, whether you are looking for gypsum panels, decorative acrylic panels, or interior MDF cladding panels.

Our Five Senses wall panel system consists of some of our most beautiful and versatile paneling products. They can be used in a multitude of spaces, from interiors to exteriors. From hospitals to hotels, from restaurants to schools, from meeting rooms to exhibition halls, from offices to you will find our Five Senses creating a gorgeous space everywhere.

Find out more about this exciting collection from CSI Creative when you read ahead. Also explained are its features and attributes. You are sure to find exactly what you were looking to install in your space.

Five Senses Wall Panel System - A Market-Leading Product

The Five Senses Architectural Wall Panel System is a modular system that features an engineered attachment framework system. This is what makes it so versatile and easy to install, no matter the sort of surface. It comes with moldings, reveals, trims, and precision fit panels. The materials used in our Five Senses Collection include acrylic, plywood, metal, glass, paper phenolic, resin, MDF, baltic Russian birch, and particleboard.

Our panels are also resistant to chemicals, water, stains, and abrasions, making them virtually indestructible. This is why these are touted to be some of the most durable cladding panels out there. They do not pollute the environment and are created from 100% recyclable materials, thus making them absolutely eco-friendly. They can be easily disposed of, without the need for any sort of demolition. You can not only avoid dust and debris but also save money on its disposal. Now, what could be better than that?

We have more than 140 patterns of dimensional, deep-sculpted carvings as part of this range such as planks, bricks, stones, tin, deep sculpted, funnel, pyramid and wainscoting. Five Senses also comes with a choice of over 500 finishes such as leather, solids, textured, stone, wood grain, metallic, matte, and specialty among others.

What Does Your Space Need - A Look At Our Five Senses Wall Panels

We have a huge range of products that fall under our Five Senses Collection. Choose from options such as stone wall panels, faux brick wall panels, metal wall panels, decorative acrylic wall panels, reinforced plastic wall panels, and more. Our shell mosaic panels and tiles are the ultimate in creating a focal point for a room. These are perfect for visual transition spaces, continuous wall features, and background wall coverings.

We also have translucent stone panels that seem to transport you to another era with their authentic look. CSI Creative’ wainscoting panels can give you a stylish yet formal space. Whereas, the LED wall panels are the harbingers of a more trendy, casual space. For those in love with nature, the Five Senses Collection comprises Coconut shell panels, 3D plant fiber panels, bamboo wall panels, and cultured stone wall panels.

Although specifically created for the Corporate, Commercial, Healthcare, and Hospitality sectors, the Five Senses Architectural Wall Panel System is suited for a lot of other spaces as well.

CSI Creative Can Help You Realize Your Decor Dreams

Our passionate team of experts is dedicated to creating unique products to match the unique requirements of any space. We have reviewed thousands of designs and researched scores of projects in order to understand the dynamics of any space, even outdoors.

Our Five Senses Collection is in tune with exactly what modern, clean spaces need these days. We love to understand the specific requirements of a client in order to help them achieve the true potential of their space, be it the acoustical environment of a theater or a conversation piece in an expo.

However, if you do not find exactly what you were looking for, why not talk to us? We can help you customize your wall panel system to the last detail.