Drifts - Felt Acoustic Wall Panels

The Drifts Collection showcases geometric designs that are created to show depth and texture on the wall mounted panels while capturing excess noise and sound interference in your commercial space. Modern and aesthetically pleasing, the Drifts collection has a variety of designs ready to add a sense of calm and cohesiveness to your environment. Fully customizable, the PoshFelt® wall mounted acoustic panels are 100% wool, available in a wide variety of colors.




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Showcasing sound absorbing geometric waves of design, the Drifts Collection creates a sense of motion in place, with precision cut felt and textural beauty. Modern and aesthetically pleasing, the design of these felt acoustic wall panels captures and diffuses noise, resulting in clearer communication and an overall softening of your environment. Customizable and available in a variety of colors, the Drifts will add a sense of calm, gentle rhythm, and a sense of cohesiveness to your space. The acoustic panel wall mount and highly effective sound suppression make this felt wall panel a premium choice.

PoshFelt® Drifts offers depth in a new form, using precision-cut extruded geometry to elevate both aesthetic and efficacy. These rhythmic patterns present a new level of sound diffusion as they scatter incoming noise, leaving you with a clearer, calmer mind. PoshFelt® Drifts produces an atmosphere of comfort and clarity that helps to reveal the unseen beauty in our everyday environments.

Explore the Beauty of Geometric Acoustic Felt Wall Panels

Are you one of those who want to control the sound in your space? If yes, then geometric acoustic felt panels can be the best upgrades you can make to make it happen. They can significantly improve the value of high-end speaker systems as well as control echoes and volume issues in public spaces. Moreover, when the situation demands installing the panels on the ceiling, the installation can be a bit intimidating. Also, choosing from a wide range can make it a bit overwhelming.

Therefore, CSI Creative is here with the best range of geometric acoustic felt panels for you. Our exclusive range is sure to make you drool over the options. Moreover, we are sure that you will get your best pick with us. And, once you are with us, you will never regret your decision. Always pick the best one.

Acoustic Felt Panels with Stunning Patterns for You

Whether you want to gain sound insulation or decorate your space, we offer the best geometric acoustic felt panels. With the right combination of functionality and aesthetics, they are the best. Moreover, until recently, acoustic panels have been an integral part of the building envelope – indispensable to safeguard against unwanted sounds and noises. Therefore, the aesthetic factor was sidelined with more importance being given to functionality.

Bring the Art of Geometry to Your Walls with Us

These geometric acoustic felt panels will help you create a rich, hushed and relaxed environment. Moreover, they come along with powerful sound dampening for a mindful atmosphere. Therefore, you can be assured that these wall panels will offer you both stunning aesthetics as well as acoustics.

However, on the contrary, today aesthetics is an integral part of any space – be it residential or commercial. For this reason, we have developed decorative acoustic panels for interiors. From the most unusual designs and patterns to shapes and colours, you get the best from us. They are capable of furnishing the space with the desired visual appeal with practical solutions and versatility. Also, you can choose from multiple applications life wall-mounted, partially mounted, fully suspended, mobile, free-standing, modular, attachment and more.

For more details, always feel free to get in touch with us. We will always be glad to assist you at any time with anything you have.