Drifts - Felt Acoustic Wall Panels

The Drifts Collection showcases geometric designs that are created to show depth and texture on the wall mounted panels while capturing excess noise and sound interference in your commercial space. Modern and aesthetically pleasing, the Drifts collection has a variety of designs ready to add a sense of calm and cohesiveness to your environment. Fully customizable, the PoshFelt® wall mounted acoustic panels are 100% wool, available in a wide variety of colors.




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Showcasing sound absorbing geometric waves of design, the Drifts Collection creates a sense of motion in place, with precision cut felt and textural beauty. Modern and aesthetically pleasing, the design of these felt acoustic wall panels captures and diffuses noise, resulting in clearer communication and an overall softening of your environment. Customizable and available in a variety of colors, the Drifts will add a sense of calm, gentle rhythm and a sense of cohesiveness to your space. Acoustic panel wall mount and highly effective sound suppression make this felt wall panel a premium choice.