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At CSI Creative, we have always believed that art and functionality can go hand in hand. The amalgamation of art and functionality can create a sort of harmony and a sense of comfort among the viewers. And that is what led to the fabrication of one of our most popular ranges - the ChromaBrand Collection of custom art acoustic panels.

These acoustic panels are ideal for a lot of sectors, including the hospitality and healthcare sectors. They are also ideal for educational institutions, exhibitions and expos, office buildings, shopping malls, and many other areas where a blend of brand signage and acoustical control is desirable.

To know more about our ChromaBrand Collection and how you can find the perfect product for your visual brand identity, read on. And remember, for all your special needs and specific paneling requirements, we have loads of customization options.

Why Go For CSI Creative’ ChromaBrand Range of Custom Art Acoustic Panels

The ChromaBrand Collection was created to be highly customizable so that it can easily match the character and vibe of your branding. From brand colors to logos, from images to insignia, from messages to lettering, this collection can bring to life all your signage on your walls. It is made from our revolutionary Soundcore® acoustic felt, which ensures a premium acoustical environment. This is why our ChromaBrand Collection is known in the industry to have outstanding echo prevention and sound dampening characteristics.

It improves sound transmission in a room, no matter the size. These panels are also shock and impact resistant. Keeping in line with our other product ranges, our ChromaBrand Collection is also 100% recyclable and non-toxic. It is also non-allergenic and is free from VOC emissions including formaldehyde. It also complies with various fire safety laws. Needless to say, this makes it great to be used for a lot of environments where safety is the main concern.

As far as durability is concerned, CSI Creative believes in creating products that last for a long time, without losing their looks. That is why our ChromaBrand Range of acoustic wall panels are resistant to rot, fade-proof, and do not change color with passing time. Being non-hygroscopic ensures they will last even longer. With custom designing and cutting options available, we can create a unique look for you.

Find The Perfect Product In Our ChromaBrand Range of Custom Art Acoustic Panels

From our ChromaBrand Collection, you can choose from a plethora of options depending upon the sort of space that you are looking to furnish. Choose from ChromaBrand acoustic control wall panels, acoustic dampening felt wall panels, acoustic sound-absorbing panels, sound dampening art panels, decorative soundproofing panels, noise-reducing wall art panels, sound absorbing wall art panels, and much more.

These panels are super easy to maintain and are sure to remain just as bright and effective as the first day you saw them. Our ChromaBrand acoustical panels can be cleaned with a vacuum for dust and debris. For spills or wet cleaning, use a damp cloth, soap, and water.

And remember, these are not just acoustic wall panels that you see in everyday life. In fact, these are wall art panels that can create noiseless surroundings in all sorts of spaces, be it a large hall or a small room.

Let The Expertise Of CSI Creative Lead Your Way

CSI Creative professionals have gone over thousands of designs and projects in order to create our library of distinguished product ranges. Years of experience have gone into creating our industry-leading technologies and flagship products.

We have always believed that the unique requirements of a customer should be met, even if that means customization efforts for us. We control our own manufacturing and processing abilities. That makes it easy for us to create specific custom art acoustic panels, in terms of colors, patterns, finishes, materials, designs, and more.

Go ahead and give us a call now. Set up a meeting with our experienced team. They are sure to find you a solution for any of your paneling problems.