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CSI Creative is a leading provider of ceiling and wall panels that not only last long, but are also sure to beautify any space they are in. With a huge decorative wall panels collection that comprises ceiling mounted room dividers, geometric acoustic wall panels, ceiling baffles, portable acoustic panels, and a lot more, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here.

Our products, from ceiling wall dividers to desk divider panels are all suited for a multitude of settings and environments. These are ideal for hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping malls, meeting rooms, office cubicles, shops, exhibitions, outdoor installations and so much more.

Read on and you will see that the ideal product for you rests in one of our huge library of products. Choose what is a good fit for your space. If not, we do not shy away from creating unique, customized products for the specific needs of our customers.

Why Choose Your Ceiling Mounted Room Dividers From CSI Creative

Although CSI Creative offer a huge range of diverse products, there are two technologies and raw materials that permeate most of these product ranges and collections - Soundcore® and PoshFelt®. Both of these are used for creating the most effective acoustical panels out there. Not to mention, these come in plenty of designs, patterns and sizes, making them ideal for all sorts of spaces.

Soundcore® acoustic felt ensures that all products that it is used in create high quality noise-dampening architectural components. It is also resistant to impact and shocks, making it highly durable. In addition, it is non-hygroscopic and will surely not deteriorate or change color as time passes. This means your ceiling and wall panels will always remain as vibrant and effective as the day you first got them installed.

The PoshFelt® 100% wool acoustic felt is sourced through cruelty-free methods. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic, apart from being non-hygroscopic and anti-microbial. Both PoshFelt® and Soundcore® are 100% recyclable and free from VOC including formaldehyde. At CSI Creative, we strive to create products that do not harm the environment. Rather our products aim to give back to the environment, which is the need of the hour. These are also compliant with building fire codes with a Class A rating per ASTM E84, making them absolutely safe for use in lots of spaces.

Take A Look At Our Decorative Wall Panels Collection

Our product ranges include options such as biophilic acoustic felt walls and ceilings, 3D felt wall panels, suspended ceiling sound absorption panels, wool felt wall coverings, suspended acoustical ceiling systems, carved acoustic panels, acoustic privacy screens, sliding acoustic wall panels, and privacy desk dividers among others. There are hundreds of designs, patterns, finishes, and colors to choose from.

From wheeled options to folding acoustic panels, from wall-mounted panels to ceiling-suspended panels, from wood veneer to metal, there is an unending array of wall and ceiling panels that you can opt for.

You can go for wall-to-wall installations, or opt for a feature wall that is sure to be a conversation starter. Apart from addressing your acoustical issues, these panels are also ideal for hiding imperfections and blemishes on walls and ceilings.

CSI Creative Can Create The Perfect Ceiling Mounted Room Dividers

At CSI Creative, our experienced team of professionals is passionate about creating products that can solve the problems of our customers, be it those of acoustics or beautification. We have reviewed thousands of designs and projects to find out exactly what you need.

Even if you do not find the right product for you, we can customize the size, fit, finish, design, pattern, raw material, and more for you to create a one-of-a-kind product. Since we control our own manufacturing and processing capabilities, we won’t have any problems tailoring our ceiling-mounted room dividers for you. And that too while staying within your budget.

Go ahead and give us a call today to set up a meeting with you. Rest assured, once you share your vision with us, our team will work with you to bring it to life.